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Oklahoma Neo Nazi shoots woman 4 times in the back removing swastika flag on a dare

Alexander Feaster Oklahoma Neo Nazi
Alexander Feaster Oklahoma Neo Nazi social media.
Alexander Feaster Oklahoma Neo Nazi and Kyndal McVey
Pictured, Alexander Feaster Oklahoma Neo Nazi and Kyndal McVey

Alexander Feaster Oklahoma Neo Nazi from Hunter shoots Kyndal McVey 4 times in the back after stealing a swastika flag from his property. Member of militant group? 

An Oklahoma Neo Nazi has been arrested after allegedly shooting a woman in the back multiple times for stealing one of his swastika-adorned flag on a dare. Miraculously the woman survived the assault despite being struck no less than four times.

Alexander John Feaster, 44, from Hunter, was arrested on Sunday on charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and shooting with intent to kill. Kyndal McVey, 26, was identified as the victim after acting on a dare to steal a Nazi flag from the man’s property.

According to Garfield County Sheriff Jody Helm, at around 3am on Sunday, a group of people were at a party across the street from Feaster’s home in the 200 block of East Cherokee when McVey was apparently dared to steal one of the man’s swastika flags. 

McVey approached Feaster’s yard and snatched the banner. As she turned around to return to her friends, Helm said someone yelled out, ‘gun.’ 

‘She dropped the flag at the end of the driveway and shots were fired,’ the sheriff told the local station KFOR

Victim was not a threat to suspect

According to a probable cause affidavit cited by NBC News, Feaster ‘without warning,’ fired eight rounds, possibly from a Colt AR-15 A2 rifle, and between three and five of the shots struck McVey in the back as she fled. 

The incident was captured on surveillance video, which was later reviewed by a responding deputy.

‘It is important to note that Kyndal did not appear to be in any way, a threat to Feaster due to her obviously running away from his residence with only a flag in her hand,’ the affidavit stated.

McVey collapsed in a ditch, and a friend rushed to her side to administer aid while awaiting first responders.

Meanwhile, a neighbor moved their pickup truck in front of Feaster’s home to create a barricade for McVey’s protection, while a witness trained a gun on his house as a precaution. 

Deputies who responded to the scene arrested Feaster without incident. Helm said he immediately asked for an attorney. 

A subsequent search of Feaster’s house festooned with swastikas yielded 15 firearms, ‘and the deputy wrote in the affidavit it appears the suspect was ‘anticipating an incident.’

Alexander Feaster Oklahoma Neo Nazi
Alexander Feaster Oklahoma Neo Nazi social media.

‘My honor, is Loyalty.’ 

‘There was a large ashtray containing several cigarette buts, and a handcuff pouch containing handcuffs on a box next to the chair,’ the deputy stated. ‘It appeared that Mr. Feaster was anticipating an incident to take place and had been watching from that spot.’

McVey survived the shooting and was taken to OU Medical Center, where she was listed in good condition, reported Enid News and Eagle.

According to the description of a GoFundMe campaign, the 26-year-old has undergone at least one surgery and has a long road to recovery ahead of her. 

A neighbor said Feaster has been flying the Nazi flags over his house for about a year. A couple of the banners previously had been stolen. 

The neighbor also said that Feaster would sometimes wear an all-black outfit with a red swastika armband in public. Of note it is not illegal to exercise one’s first amendment right to wear a swastika or fly one as a flag on one’s property.

A regard on social media led to an account under the handle, @Alexander_Feaster which appeared to belong to the suspect with the following about description, “Meine Ehre Heisst Treue” English Translation: “My Honor, is Loyalty”

A judge set Feaster’s bond at $500,000. He is due back in court on July 9.

Of note, it remained unclear if the man was a member of a militant group. 

Hunter, is a small town about 90 miles north of Oklahoma City