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Poetry and People, or Is Poetry So Important Indeed?

Junk Poetry
Does it all come down to junk poetry?
Junk Poetry
Does it all come down to junk poetry? What can traditional humanities teach us about popular culture?

What use of use of poetry in a practical online world? Can traditional humanities still teach us about life as popular culture continues to veer electronically and digitally. 

Are you ready for some junk poetry? Now, the digital age has come. Gadgets have completely changed our lives, and the internet has established absolutely new values. Almost everything can be done online. If earlier, you had to go out to buy your groceries, now, you can order them online. Studying online is considered by some people more beneficial than those traditional offline classes. You can even play online casino games in Canada online, and they will be not worse than those in a real casino.

It seems that there is no more place left for slower activities or for those activities that don’t bring any practical use even though they have been accompanying us for centuries before.

Thus, what about poetry? Does it have any use now and can it hope for any future in our practical world? Would a punter winning or losing in, say, a Canadian online casino Syndicate thinks about poetry?

Poetry Can Be Compared to Therapy

A rapidly changing and developing world brings something new constantly. There is nothing bad in it but at times, our mind and our soul do not manage to handle all these changes. It can be compared to running to a long distance. At the start, you might be excited and full of hopes and expectations. But the more you run, the more tired you become. At some point, you need to stop and rest otherwise, the running is impossible.

If you think about our lives as running, then poetry is that therapeutical stop, a pause that allows us to recover to move on. You might have noticed that in the happiest or the saddest moments of your life writing helps a lot. You might write a story and you will feel relief even in the most complicated situation. Try to write a poem instead of a story, and it might become a masterpiece.

Junk Poetry: Does It Exist?

Well, leave the common meaning of junk poetry. This term is widely used for the poetry of Tommy Pico, it is named after his poetry collection. But we aren’t going to speak about the creations of this talented poet.

Let us discuss this term as it is – junk means something useless or even harmful. Thus, what about poetry? Can this word be applied to it?

You might say that no, there is no such thing as junk poetry. Every poem comes from the depth of the soul. Thus, it has value. Even if the value is not big for some people, for other types or readers, the poem might be priceless. We can speak about junk creations but we consider ourselves only and those who resemble ourselves.

Final Thoughts

Poetry has been around for centuries. The modern inventions were developed a maximum some decades ago. Comparing poetry with modern advancements is like comparing a wise man with an ambitious teenager. Each of them is right in his/her own sense. The one thing is clear though: poetry will stay until there is humanity.