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Seattle Karen road rage hysteria against faux victimized black driver

White Karen road rage
White Karen road rage as captured by 'black man,' Karlos Dillard.
White Karen road rage
White Karen road rage as captured by ‘black man,’ Karlos Dillard.

#IHaveABlackHusband trends on social media after Seattle Karen is filmed hysterically responding to Karlos Dillard’s claim he was ‘flipped off’ in road rage incident cause he is black. But new developments force question was this just a set up? 

Here we go again, a new Karen. Video has captured the moment a black driver confronting a white female driver who allegedly ‘flipped him off’ while driving only for the un-identified woman to hysterically cry ‘I have a black husband,’ as Karlos Dillard confronts the woman cowering next to her now parked car as he demands to know her motivations in regards to the alleged incident.

This Karen cut me off, break checked some almost causing a accident flipped me off and called me out of my name. She didn’t know I had time today,’ Dillard posted under the Twitter handle, @wypipo_h8. As of early Tuesday morning the post has been viewed 1.7 million times, with 34.3K retweets and 73.7 likes.

‘This Karen cut me off, break checked me and then followed me for 4 blocks.’

Posts Dillard who describes himself as an author, actor, comedian on his website: ‘I moved to Seattle, Wa to find myself, I never knew that it would lead me to the journey I am on today. I am most known for my quick sassy remarks and being real no matter the situation.’

Dillard claims being ‘blocked’ off by the woman by virtue of him being black in a road rage incident, only for the woman whom he repeatedly calls ‘Karen’ to hysterically deny the man’s accusations, insisting in 14 minute video originally posted on Instagram that she ‘didn’t see who was in the car.’ Never mind she is all too cognizant that her existence in America is about to be ‘cancelled’ if she is publicly found to have been responsible for a racially charged incident given current US dialectics. 

Posted Dillard on Instagram of the alleged June 22 incident, Karen got caught with her road rage. I’m literally not leaving my house anymore. This Karen cut me off, break checked me and then followed me for 4 blocks. When I started recording her antics she peeled off and tried to get away with her racism. I had time today to let her know that i am not the one. I’m glad SEVERAL white and black people saw her racism and had my back.’

Using hysteria, white privilege, gender to become a victim 

In the video, Karlos describes having followed the woman all the way to her house, demanding to know why she allegedly flipped him off. However, on seeing Karlos and his rolling phone camera, Seattle Karen begins to cry loudly, ‘I have a black husband’.

At some point, the female driver repeatedly accuses Karlos of ‘attacking’ her as she makes to block her license number plate as Dillard brusquely and undeterred demands to know why she’d allegedly brought on the road rage incident. Commentators would later question if the alleged incident even ever took place. 

As her yelling and screaming intensify, bystanders rush to intervene as the unrelenting Dillard continues to press. Perhaps putting the phone down and talking rationally, instead of making this a public ‘gotcha’ moment might have been a better tact? 

Various onlookers look terribly confused as she cries, ‘He won’t listen to me!’ An unspecified white man claims that he “saw her do it.” But what precisely did this man see?

Pure and unadulterated sadism? 

Karen never once confesses specifically to flipping Dillard off. If anything, she extends empathy to him for accidentally cutting him off. Moreover, Dillard explicitly tells the Geo Woman — who is now a subject of ridicule — that she will not be on Instagram, betraying his pledge to clear up the misunderstanding privately.

In other words, Dillard’s video is not an act of social justice or even a noble fight for justice. It is an act of pure and unadulterated sadism, conducted by Dillard without a shred of compassion.

Posits edrants: ‘What is the basis for Dillard’s claims of racism from this woman? In an effort to understand why, I have downloaded and reviewed the eighty photos and videos that Dillard uploaded to his Instagram stories feed on June 22, 2020 for this story. You can download the collected files here. After careful study, it’s pretty clear that there are too many contradictions and constant additions to Dillard’s story for it to be accepted in any court of law.’

Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard. Image via YouTube.

Cashing in on faux racial justice? 

Perhaps what makes the alleged road rage incident increasingly hard to believe is Dillard’s efforts to throughout these Instagram stories to promote his book and his merchandise (see above). Really? That’s what racial justice is about- monetizing one’s personal wears during acts of injustice?

Dillard also paints himself as a suffering victim, suggesting that he will suffer from ‘hypertension, blood pressure, insomnia, back problems, [and] chiropractic problems.’ It is worth pointing out that none of the many legitimate victims of Karens have ever felt compelled to list a series of physical ailments after being subjected to unacceptable racism.

Posts one commentator on Twitter:Dude that filmed this, Karlos Dillard, is a Trump supporter btw. They definitely have a hand in creating the toxic climate we have now. And dude is selling tshirts already from this situation that he really blew up for his personal gain. Y’all bet not buy them tshirts lol.’ 

The incident with Seattle Karen woman isn’t the first time that Dillard has claimed that others were racist during the course of a Postmates delivery. On May 28, 2020, Dillard claimed that the proprietors of A Burger Place demanded to see his ID when picking up an order and that this was an act of racism. Much like the above incident, Dillard doesn’t have any video evidence of the alleged remarks that the “racist Asian lady” said to him. Dillard’s subjects are clearly uncomfortable with his accusations. Additionally — and this is another troubling aspect to Dillard’s approach — his confrontational antics appear to target women. In one of his Instagram stories, he calls the Geo Woman ‘that bitch.’

In the end one is wanton to ask aloud if Karlos Dillard is more motivated by cruelty and vengeance and malice and ridicule, to say nothing of an overwhelmingly narcissistic need for attention as opposed to the actual need of attaining racial justice

On does need to ask whether the cold and compassionless act of revealing the personal details and doxxing a terrified woman for a minor road rage offense is the act of a bona-fide Karen. One must also ask of Dillard why he felt the need to be so cruel and why he wished to gain fame and profit from the suffering of what increasingly appears to be that of an innocent woman.