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I hate n****rs’ White upstate NY chef yells racial slurs at black female driver

Barry Wardell Utica chef
Pictured, Barry Wardell Utica chef. Images via social media.
Barry Wardell Utica chef
Pictured, Barry Wardell Utica chef and ‘black’ woman, Jakeila Phillips

Barry Wardell Utica chef caught on video unleashing racist vitriol at Jakeila Phillips upstate NY motorist over the weekend. 

Here we go again. Video has emerged capturing the moment a white car passenger calling a black female driver of a nearby vehicle the N-word while screaming ‘black lives don’t matter,’ in a racially inspired attack.

Posts the victim, Jakeila Phillips on Facebook of the weekend incident, ‘when I tell people I experience racist/prejudice encounters all the time they never believe me cause we live in Utica ! I finally got to catch one on camera.’ 

The assailant – self identifying in the video as Barry Wardell a New Hartford, Utica, NY chef, as the passenger in an orange car.

Asks Phillips in the ‘altercation’ which took place Saturday afternoon, ‘What did you say?’

Responds Wardell without missing a beat, ‘I hate n****rs.’  Wardell also tells Phillips: ‘I hang n****rs on weekends.’ 

‘Blacks should be slaves.’

In the clip – which was uploaded to Twitter and has since gained over 395,000 views, Wardell then shouts that he wants to be exposed on social media for his hate speech.

‘Put me on Facebook, black lives don’t matter! N****r!’ he continues.

‘Blacks should be slaves. Give me back my grandparents’ property divided by your f**king ancestors,’ Wardell continues.

Incredulously the man does not hesitate to give his name and profession when asked by Phillips as she films and laughs as the surreal vitriolic incident unfolds.

‘What’s your name?’ the female driver can be heard saying.

‘Barry Wardell,’ the racist ma says as he leans out of the orange automobile.

‘What do you do for a living?’ the woman asks.

Barry Wardell Utica chef
Barry Wardell Utica chef

‘I cook. I am a chef,’ Adding, ‘And I hate n*****!’ 

A seemingly ‘drunk’ Wardell ends his racist rant telling Phillips ‘no disrespect to you’, as she drives away from the scene. 

The driver in the car occupied by Wardell does not react at all. 

Phillips laughs throughout the encounter. 

A Facebook profile that had Wardell’s name on it appeared to have been deleted on Sunday and shows a man wearing a cap and what appears to be a Confederate flag as a nose and mouth covering. 

It’s unclear what grandparents’ property he refers to in the video but records show that property belonging to Barry Wardell, and Steve and Dori Pacheco violated the Property Maintenance Code of New York reports the dailymail

 Jakeila Phillips Utica woman
Jakeila Phillips Utica woman. Image via Facebook.

Second racist harassment during Saturday

In an April 2018 meeting town hall meeting a Town Codes Enforcement Officer was directed to ‘serve written notice that the property owners are required to fence and secure the area around the home immediately’.

Notes showed they were told the ‘debris must be disposed of properly; and once this requirement is completed, the aforesaid owners can then apply for a Demolition Permit’.

It’s unclear how the land has since been used. 

According to Lite 98.7, Wardell was involved in another racist incident the same day.

‘A young black man was walking down the sidewalk outside our house in the village of New Hartford today,’ Steph Anie posted on Facebook Saturday. ‘I wouldn’t have noticed, but a car driving by stopped and started screaming “n****r” out of their window and threatening to harm him. 

‘We were in our play room and could hear their racist rage. A couple walking outside were able to get their license plate. My two-year old was scared. I was too. The police came and took statements.’

A business owner also said Wardell came in and said he was going to a Black Lives Matter protest that day. No Black Lives Matter protests were held in New Hartford on Saturday. 

New Hartford Police said no criminal charges have been filed and that they were keeping an eye on the situation’. 

The Utica Police were alerted to the viral video featuring one of their town’s residents spreading across social media and put out the following statement on their official Facebook page.

‘We have recently been made aware of a video circulating on social media regarding a male screaming derogatory racial slurs at a passing vehicle.’

‘We are actively looking into the incident to identify if any crimes have been committed. Regardless of the criminality of it we were disgusted and horrified by the words used.
It is one of the most ignorant things anyone has ever said and is not indicative of the citizens here and the city we are all proud of.’

‘If anyone has information regarding this incident please contact the Utica Police Department at 315-223-3464.’

Wardell was said to be under police protection as locals reported seeing cops on the street where he lives. 

Jakeila Phillips Utica NY
Pictured, Jakeila Phillips Utica NY woman. Image via Facebook.