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Operation Gideon coup fails to take out Venezuelan leader blamed on mystery billionaire

Airan Berry and Luke Denman
Operation Gideon Venezuelan coup: Pictured captured US special force soldiers, Airan Berry and Luke Denman.
Airan Berry and Luke Denman
Operation Gideon Venezuelan coup: Pictured captured US special force soldiers, Airan Berry and Luke Denman.

Operation Gideon fails take out Venezuela’s President Maduro fails as US special force soldiers Luke Denman and Airan Berry are captured. Coup financed by mystery billionaire claims organizer former Green Beret Jordan Goudreau. 

Video has emerged showing the moment a pair of former US Special Forces soldiers being captured by Venezuelan troops after what local officials are calling a coup attempt to oust President Nicolás Maduro.

Footage shows Luke Alexander Denman, 34, and Airan Berry, 41 with their hands up in the air in the port city of La Guaira, being walked to shore at gunpoint, according to the dailymail.

The two men are forced to lay down on the ground with six other men — believed to be among the 300 mercenaries recruited in Colombia for the failed coup attempt.

Denman and Berry both served in Afghanistan, the report said.

The attempted coup which involved the use of speedboats along Venezuela’s coast also led the killing of eight people, believed to be mercenaries the telegraph reports.

Liberate Venezuela or install US hegemony? 

Florida based former Green Beret Jordan Goudreau turned ‘security contractor’ claimed responsibility for orchestrating the raid, calling it ‘Operation Gideon’ and saying it was an attempt to capture Maduro and ‘liberate’ the South American nation.

While the claim to liberate Venezuela continues to be the official parroting line, others would wonder, that the real resolve is to remove Maduro from power and reinstall US backed players to cement US hegemony in the region as Venezuela continues to remain a thorn in the region ever since the rise and ongoing failures to oust Maduro and his ‘socialist’ predecessor, Hugo Chavez, in 2002.

Maduro has since blamed the failed assault on the US government and neighboring Colombia, both of whom have denied involvement. 

‘The United States government is fully and completely involved in this defeated raid,’ Chavez’s long running successor said at a Caracas press conference.

Maduro said the two American soldiers ‘were playing Rambo. They were playing hero.’

Venezuela deep in the throes of crises: 

Venezuela has lapsed into chaos under Maduro’s leadership, with the country in a deep economic crisis that has forced nearly 5 million to flee the country. Reasons for the turmoil include mismanagement of the local economy, political stalemate at home, declining price of crude oil (which makes up for close to 50% of its GDP) along with ongoing unrelenting US sanctions

The White House has made no secret that it would like see the end of Maduro, who was recently indicted in the US as a drug trafficker, with a $15 million bounty offered for his arrest.

Of note, President Donald Trump denied any involvement in the botched raid on Tuesday.

‘We’ll find out,’ the president said. ‘We just heard about it. But it has nothing to do with our government.’

Do you suppose?

Mystery billionaire backed Operation Gideon:

Goudreau, who claims the raid was backed by a mystery American billionaire, had been plotting it for months and told the Associated Press he had a deal with US installed Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido to overthrow Maduro — something Guaido denies. 

Goudreau, a three-time Bronze Star U.S. combat veteran, claims to have helped organize the seaborne raid from Colombia. Goudreau said the operation had received no aid from Guaidó or the U.S. or Colombian governments.

Opposition politicians and U.S. authorities issued statements suggesting Maduro’s allies had fabricated the assault to draw attention away from the country’s problems.

An AP investigation published Friday found that Goudreau had been working with a retired Venezuelan army general — who now faces U.S. narcotics charges — to train dozens of deserters from Venezuela’s security forces at secret camps inside neighboring Colombia. The goal was to mount a cross-border raid that would end in Maduro’s arrest.