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Kotara South murder suicide: Man drives to ex girlfriend home – shoots man she just met then self

Warren Browne Newcastle
Pictured, Warren Browne Newcastle, N.S.W - Australia man.
Warren Browne Newcastle
Pictured, Warren Browne Newcastle, N.S.W – Australia man. Image via social media.

Warren Browne Newcastle man drives to former girlfriend’s home, shoots dead woman’s new partner then self. Woman briefly dated aspiring actor before ending it.

Two men have died in Australia’s Newcastle region after a ‘jilted ex boyfriend’ drove to his former girlfriend’s home and fatally shot a man the woman had just met, while heard saying, ‘I love you’ and a name — before going outside the house and shooting himself dead in a suspected murder suicide.

The ‘incident’ follows nightclub bouncer, Warren Brown, 42 having driven more than 80km (50 miles) to his former partner’s home in Kotara South and blasting a shotgun round through the woman’s front door.

The woman, aged in her 20s, since identified as Brook Hamilton had only dated Browne for a brief time before ending the relationship the Newcastle Herald reports. 

Browne, a bald and heavily tattooed aspiring actor from Terrigal, would not stop contacting the woman and became increasingly angry at his rejection.

The woman’s mother said the man would not take no for an answer and so her daughter reported him to the police. 

Brook Hamilton
Pictured, South Kotara woman, Brook Hamilton. Image via Facebook.

Gunman shouts ‘I love you’ and woman’s name before shooting her new partner:

Matters came to a head Saturday afternoon when Browne armed himself with a shotgun and drove 80km from Terrigal to the woman’s modest granny flat on a quiet cul-de-sac.

When he arrived he shot a round through the glass doors of a small flat attached the rented home on Blackbutt Parade.

Anthony Beck, a Williamtown RAAF Base employee, was standing on the other side of the glass.

He had only just met the woman, aged in her 20s. 

The 42-year-old father – who was engaged to be married – was shot in the head and killed. 

The woman immediately fled, jumped out a back window and hid under a neighbor’s house as they called for police.

A witness heard Browne say ‘I love you’ and a woman’s name before he turned the gun on himself.   

When police arrived at the scene shortly after 5pm they found Browne’s body lying outside and Beck’s body lying inside the shattered glass door.

Warren Browne Newcastle
Warren Browne Newcastle aspiring actor stars in his own action packed drama….

Aspiring actor who had bit roles before starring role….

Shocked neighbors said they had heard three gunshot blasts.

Neighbor, Ian Robertson said he had just returned from grocery shopping when he heard the shots and called the police.

‘I heard bang, bang, bang and at first thought it was the gas heater going off,’ he told the Newcastle Herald.

‘I ducked inside and heard a rattle, crash and bang inside the house and then heard her scream.

‘He came out and he said ‘I love you’ and a name and then I heard a shot. I knew it was over.’ 

Another neighbor said he saw the gunman and described him as calm, not aggro or boisterous.

Although the woman had reported Browne’s harassment to police they had not taken out an apprehended domestic violence order (ADVO) against him.

Browne had been an extra on the TV show Rake and a hardware commercial in 2016.

On his Starnow talent directory page he wrote that he had experience in self-defense videos and student films.

‘I am very charismatic and energetic person. I have had various parts in horror mazes and I interact with other actors very well,’ the aspiring actor posted. 

The coroner will investigate.