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Shannen Doherty in Stage 4 cancer 3 years after all clear

Shannen Doherty breast cancer
Shannen Doherty breast cancer stage IV diagnosis on GMA.
Shannen Doherty breast cancer
Shannen Doherty breast cancer stage IV diagnosis on GMA.

Shannen Doherty breast cancer: Beverly Hills 90210 actress reveals she is in Stage 4 cancer 3 years after having gone into remission. 

Being brave in the face of adversity. Shannen Doherty, 48, has revealed she has stage IV cancer, three years after going into remission following a prior breast cancer battle. 

The Beverly Hills 90210 actress appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning to share her condition. 

She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 then went into remission in 2017. 

She learned the cancer had come back aggressively early last year and has kept it private since then but wanted to reveal it this week before it became public in court papers that are part of her ongoing lawsuit against insurance company State Farm over damage to her home from a 2018 wildfire. 

‘I’m petrified. I’m pretty scared.’ 

‘It’s going to come out in a matter of days or week that I am Stage 4, my cancer came back and that’s why I am here. 

‘It’s a bitter pill to swallow in a lot of ways,’ she said, adding: ‘I’m petrified. I’m pretty scared.’ 

She added that she was most worried to tell her mother, Rosa, and her husband, film producer Kurt Iswarienko

‘My mom is a ridiculously strong courageous human being. So is my husband, but I worry about him,’ she said. Doherty does not have children. 

Doherty’s home was damaged in the Wolseley fire, with the actress saying trying to make a claim against State Farm to repair some of the damage has been one of the hardest things she has ever done. 

The company says it has paid her $1.1million – while Doherty believes she is entitled to more. 

Papers that are part of the trial in which her cancer is revealed will become public this week the dailymail reports.

Doherty said she wanted to get ahead of them becoming public and ‘control the narrative’. 

‘I’d rather people hear it from me. I don’t want it to be twisted, a court document. I want it to be real and authentic.

‘I want to control the narrative. I want people to know from me,’ she said. 

Doherty added that she felt she had to continue with a reboot of Beverly Hills 90210 – one of the shows that made her famous – after the sudden and surprising death of co-star Luke Perry.

Doherty had secretly been diagnosed with stage IV when Perry died of a stroke in February last year. 

‘Why wasn’t it me? It was so weird for me to be diagnosed and then somebody who was seemingly healthy to go fist. It was really shocking and the least I could do to honor him was to do that show. I still haven’t done enough in my opinion,’ she said. 

She added that she wanted to prove that people who had been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer ‘still have some living to do’.  

‘When I finally do come out, I will have worked and 16 hours a day and people can say, “oh my god she can work and other people with stage IV can work too,” she remembered thinking.

‘Our life doesn’t end when we get that diagnosis. We still have some living to do.’

90210 actress lawsuit against State Farm:

Doherty hopes that her lawsuit against State Farm will be one of the things she is remembered for. 

‘I think the thing I want to do the most right now is make an impact. I can through this lawsuit and by saying enough is enough with big business and corporations running the little person into the ground. 

‘It’s not fair and I’m taking a stand for all of us but it’s more about how I want to be remembered for something bigger than just me,‘ she said.