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How to Record Podcasts While Travelling

Travel Podcast Setup
Travel Podcast Setup for social media influencers on the road. Image via Youtube.
Travel Podcast Setup
Travel Podcast Setup. Image via Youtube.

Travel Podcast Setup for social media influencers on the road. How to best ensure you stay in touch with your followers while traveling.  

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts on the internet today. Podcasting is now more popular than it’s ever been. The reason for this is the growth of social media where people can express their opinions freely – a podcast is only a medium that allows you to do it better and in detail. It is just like your radio but with a different format. If you think you have strong opinions about any issues from politics, to sports, or entertainment, you need to set up your podcast. The best part is that you can record your podcast anywhere even when you are travelling.

What should you pack?

You do not need all your recording gear from your home studio to record a podcast while travelling. Today’s technology makes it possible to perform multiple tasks on a single device, so you only need to bring your laptop, a mic, mic stand and headphones. Install recording and audio editing software on the laptop and you are all ready and set! Also, the amount of work you intend to do with your podcast will determine how much gear you need to pack. If you are going to be away for weeks, then you need to go with your essential equipment, but still keeping it to a minimal. This is because you need to keep your luggage light while travelling. 


Since you are recording your podcast on the road, most of your set up will be DIY, but this should not affect the quality of your podcast. One trick is to choose your recording corner and build a makeshift wall with your pillows to prevent your voice from bouncing off the wall and back into the recording. This may not be the perfect soundproofing you need but it will do just fine. Another method is to cover your head and the microphone with a blanket while recording. If spending time at a hotel, ensure that you are not staying too close to the stairs or highway. Request a room at the top floor and one where the window is not facing busy areas like the parking lot or the bar area.

Secure internet access

Apart from the fact that you need the internet to check Instagram or Twitter updates, you also need the internet to communicate with your podcast audience. Once you are done recording and editing your podcast, you need the internet to upload it to the platform of your choice where your audience can access it. If you already have a community of listeners that interact with every episode, the last thing you want to do is not respond to their comments, or you might lose them. You need to ensure that your hotel has internet service, and if that’s not the case, make sure that there is a cybercafe around.

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