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5 Travel Tips You Need to Know Before Visiting Orlando

Planning trip to Orlando Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Planning a trip to Orlando? Pictured, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Planning trip to Orlando Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Planning a trip to Orlando? Pictured, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Planning a trip to Orlando: Visiting Disney World or Universal Resorts? How to best organize for the family and take advantage of parks and theme experiences.

Visiting the main theme parks and staying inside them are some of the tips to enjoy a world where little ones have fun and adults reconnect with their inner child.

Visiting the wonderful world of Disney is a trip that the whole family can enjoy. Sometimes, travelers believe that organizing a trip to Orlando can be more difficult than planning other adventures, due to the variety of accommodations and attractions that must be booked in advance. Therefore, today we have prepared 5 tips to help you make the best of your trip in Orlando.

What is the best time to travel?

During June, July and August is the high season where temperatures are high and there are many tourists. During December, January and February you can enjoy cooler nights and warmer days. Choosing one season or another depends on the tastes the traveler has regarding temperatures, the number of tourists and special events. April and May are the low season months where the number of tourists decreases remarkably and for those who prefer to enjoy a quiet time, it is a very good opportunity. However, during September and October Halloween events take place where parks such as Magic Kingdom or Universal Studios organize magical and special theme nights.

How to move around

The quickest and most convenient way to move around Orlando and between each park is without a doubt by car. Even more so if you’re visiting with the family. Thus, renting a car in Orlando is recommended because it will allow you to control how on time you are for each park activity and also give you the chance to see the rest of Orlando at your own pace. 

How to choose accommodation

You can choose between staying inside Disney parks or in the city of Orlando. Tourists who decide to stay within the parks get additional hours in them, and other benefits, to have more fun time at selected attractions and experiences. On accommodation platforms you can find the best accommodation options in Orlando for an unforgettable vacation.

What are the parks to visit?

Disney has two water parks and four theme parks -Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic and Animal Kingdom-. On the other hand, Universal Orlando Resort has a water park and two theme parks – Universal and Islands of Adventure. Depending on the month chosen for the visit, you can enjoy the water parks or not because they are closed during the low season.

Other tips

Arrive half an hour in advance to get good places in the shows, plan activities in the parks to make the most of the time, it is recommended to go to Magic Kingdom for two days to get to know each of its corners. All the parks have free hydration points so it is not necessary to carry extra weight carrying bottles. To walk the ideal is to go with sports shoes since you’ll walk many kilometers inside the parks. Also, Orlando is a destination that has great outlets and incredible promotions to make purchases, so it is ideal to carry a large suitcase with space.