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Foul play? Alabama woman leaving bar texts friend for help remains missing week later

Paighton Houston Trussville
Pictured, Paighton Houston Trussville, Alabama woman.
Paighton Houston Trussville
Pictured, Paighton Houston Trussville, Alabama woman. Images of missing woman via social media.

Foul play? Paighton Houston Trussville, Alabama woman remains missing a week after texting message indicating she might be in trouble while leaving bar with two men.

A 29-year-old Alabama woman remains missing a week after having sent what appears to be an ominous text for help while at a bar with two strange men, according to her family and a new report.

Paighton Laine Houston, 29, of Trussville, was last seen Dec. 20 at the Tin Roof, a live-music bar chain in Birmingham Al.com reports.

The outlet cites Police Sgt. Johnny Williams saying the unaccounted woman shortly after sending texts leaving the bar around 10:45 p.m. with ‘two heavy-set black males.’

Her last text message — sent to a friend — said that ‘she didn’t know who she was with and felt she could be in trouble,’ her mother, Charlaine Houston, posted on Facebook.

‘We’ve got to find her,’ Charlaine told AL.com Thursday. ‘I just pray this nightmare will end.’

The missing woman’s mother called the text ‘very concerning,’ adding that Paighton had not used her bank account since she disappeared and her phone is going straight to voicemail.

‘Someone knows something and we have to bring her home,’ she posted to Facebook Thursday.

Body found in backyard identified as Alabama woman texting friend she might be in trouble

Paighton Houston Trussville
Paighton Houston Trussville, Alabama missing woman.

Unresolved questions: 

Cops to date have no new leads and have exhausted all possible options of finding the missing 29 year old.

Investigators continue to review surveillance footage which has yet to be released to the public.

Despite Houston’s mother’s concerns, cops aren’t sure whether foul play is a factor.

‘We’re not quite sure,’ Sgt. Johnny Williams reiterated. ‘This is kind of a strange case. We’re not sure where she may be or the last person she actually spoke to at this point.’

It remains unclear why Paighton would choose to simply not reach out to family and friends and allay any concerns – was she not in any danger.

Paighton was last seen wearing ripped blue jeans, a coral-colored T-shirt and blue Converse shoes. She is 5-foot-2 and weighs 123 pounds.

‘We have been in contact with [Birmingham police] and have shared any info needed to assist since the report, including all of our staff that worked that evening,’ the Tin Roof posted to Facebook earlier this week.

‘As a common industry practice, we hire off-duty uniformed police to be onsite during busy times. They were working onsite during this time as well. We hope and pray for Paighton’s safe return and encourage anyone to reach out with any information.’

Posted Paighton Houston’s sister, Jillian Houston on Facebook, ‘Y’all please say a prayer for my sister’s safe return! We are so worried and just want her home.’

A family member replied, ‘Jillian, all your family in Jasper are praying for Paighton’s safe return. We know she texted out for help. This is not like her.’

Tensions continue to rise each day Paighton isn’t heard from as family members begin to fear the worse….