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6 year old Utah boy killed in freak snow plow accident

Herman Slaughter
Pictured, Utah 6 year old boy, Herman Slaughter.
Herman Slaughter
Pictured, Provo Canyon, Utah 6 year old boy, Herman Slaughter.

Herman Slaughter: Provo Canyon, Utah 6 year old boy killed while playing with snowplow tragedy. Accident deemed not result of negligence.

Killed having ‘dangerous fun’. A 6-year-old Utah boy died after falling off a snowplow that his dad was using to clear a camp, police said.

Herman Slaughter was riding with his father and his 9 year old brother Friday morning at a Provo Canyon camp when the snowplow ‘bounced or lurched,’ causing him to fly in the machine’s path, according to a release via the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

The snowplow then struck him in the head, resulting in critical injuries. 

His father performed CPR on him until paramedics arrived, but he died at the scene.

Reported the Herald Extra: ‘Herman was riding on the skid-steer loader with his father and 9-year-old brother when he “fell forward and out of the seating area” and was injured by either the loader bucket or the arms of the loader bucket.’

‘There’s nothing to indicate that this was negligent or that this was anything other than a tragic accident,’ Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon told Deseret News.

Slaughter’s body was taken to a medical examiner’s office in Taylorsville for an autopsy, but officials ‘don’t expect any information from the autopsy that we don’t already know from our investigation at the scene,’ Cannon added.

Neither the 9-year-old boy nor the father were physically injured.

Social media has been replete with commentary as how or why the father allowed his two young sons to accompany him on the snowplow.