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$110K: Florida repeat offender busted stealing watches from her dates

Katelin Wojtowicz
Pictured, Katelin Wojtowicz. Image via Miami-Dade Corrections.
Katelin Wojtowicz
Pictured, Katelin Wojtowicz. Image via Miami-Dade Corrections.

Florida serial repeat offender, Katelin Wojtowicz arrested stealing watches from her dates. A history of luring men to steal from them.

A Florida woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing more than $110,000 worth of high end watches from men she met at clubs — including one tourist from New York robbed of his $56,000 luxury watch.

Katelin Wojtowicz, 25, was charged Wednesday with grand theft in connection with three different cases, where she allegedly took dates back to their hotel rooms after a night of partying, waited until they dozed off and then took off with their watches, cash and other goods – NBC2 reports.

The alleged thief met the first victim at the Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach in May 2018 and, after a couple drinks, went back to his room at the Fontainebleau Hotel, 7News Miami reported, citing court records.

Upon waking up, Wojtowicz was gone — along with the victim’s $12,000 watch, $12,000 in cash, $800 Apple iPhone 7 and $600 Gucci belt, according to the court docs.

But that was just the beginning.

A few months later, on Oct. 10, a New Yorker visiting Miami Beach met up with Wojtowicz at the same club, before taking her back to his room at the 1 Hotel.

He went to sleep wearing a $56,000 watch. It was missing when he woke up.

In the third case, Wojtowicz allegedly went up to a man at the Mondrian Hotel bar in January 2019 and began flirting with him.

When they went back to his room, the man put away some high-end jewelry in a safe and ‘while doing so … felt [Wojtowicz] standing behind him,’ the arrest report states.

‘After placing the items in the safe, the victim has no recollection of the remainder of the night.’

Wojtowicz allegedly stole two $20,000 timepieces, a $10,000 Rolex and some money.

Upon her arrest the woman was released from jail on $22,500 bond, with her arraignment in Miami-Dade County court set for Dec. 19.

But there’s more.

Katelin Wojtowicz
Katelin Wojtowicz. Previous police booking photo.

Serial repeat offender:

This isn’t the first time she’s been accused of swindling men out of their watches.

Our collective hero was arrested in Broward County in February 2017 and accused of stealing a man’s $12,000 Ulysses Nardin and $1,000 in cash.

In that case, the alleged victim met Wojtowicz, then-22, in the casino at the Hard Rock Hotel and paid her $700 for sexual favors before going to sleep and waking up to find his watch gone, the nypost reports.

She was arrested a week later at the same hotel, after another would-be victim found her going through his wallet in the bathroom of his room – which escalated to a physical altercation before managing to get away according to an arrest affidavit.

Wojtowicz was arrested soon after when cops realized she matched the image of the person caught on CCTV camera in the watch-theft case.

She pleaded not guilty and the case is ongoing.