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Some Famous Wrestlers Who Use The Controversial Kratom Supplement

Kratom Herbal Supplement
Pictured, Kratom Herbal Supplement.
Kratom Herbal Supplement
Pictured, Kratom Herbal Supplement.

Kratom Herbal Supplement: Despite the controversy surrounding the plant derived supplement, wrestlers and bodybuilders continue to use it, testifying for its medicinal like benefits. But does it really work? 

Kratom is a tree which is found in many parts of Southeast Asia. Many people in the world use kratom because they believe it has some healing capabilities. Traditionally kratom leaves would be boiled and chewed, but now it is available in the form of powder, capsules, tablets, drinks, etc. Some people even smoke kratom just as they smoke weed. Though no concrete medical evidence is available to support it as a suitable medical drug, yet many people continue to use it. Medical practitioners globally use kratom for their patients because they believe it has some compounds which have similar properties to the opioid painkillers which provide relief to the brain.

How to find kratom?

Through, kratom continues to be a cliché drug in Southeast Asia, yet it is not available in many countries globally. Kratom crazy is one such company online that sells lab-tested kratom powder. The surprising thing is even older age people use kratom powder without even realizing the damage that it can do the body. Many cases have been reported in the past in which kratom overdose was suspected as the sole cause of death.

Why do bodybuilders use kratom?

Apart from its claimed health benefits, kratom powder is used by bodybuilders because they claim it helps boost their energy and increases the average workout time. Scientific research is still underway so nothing concrete can be said if this happens. Bodybuilders have their reasons for using this powder. Some of them even claim kratom helps in building up muscles fast and works as great pre-workout nutrition. Some researches support that kratom can deliver all the needed effects of a pre-workout drug, but yet the senior authorities of any state have not come forward in support of any such notion.

Which famous bodybuilders used kratom?

Kratom is a very controversial drug, which is why not many people use it currently. Bodybuilders from across the globe, however, rely on it because of the reviews which are given by other users. Recently there was a case in which a 27-year-old bodybuilder died from kratom overdose.

Director of SalusCare Steven Hill says one of the biggest dangers with Kratom is that it’s not regulated or monitored.

‘You never know exactly what you’re getting. Anything could be in the packaging. There could be different levels of the active substance,’ Hill told fox4now news.

This is the reason why many states have a complete ban on the sale and purchase of kratom. Ever heard of Tony Huge? He is a famous bodybuilder whose videos and work out tutorials are very famous on YouTube. He provides a complete guide to using kratom.

Joe Ragon is another famous name from the world of bodybuilding who provides an insight into the use of kratom. He appears on radio shows and inspires young people to join the fitness bandwagon. Currently these two bodybuilders have come in the limelight to share their experience of using kratom. The truth is there are many users of kratom in this day and age, but because it is illegal, not many want to share the screen space for fear of getting caught. Much research is still being done on the use of kratom as a medical drug, yet nothing concrete has come out of it. Let’s see what future unfold for us in terms of kratom as a suitable medical drug.