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Easy Topics to Write a Research Paper on

Easy Topics to Write a Research Paper
Easy Topics to Write a Research Paper: The number of female protagonists in games showcased at E3, like Kait Diaz in Gears 5, has remained low for years.
Easy Topics to Write a Research Paper
Easy Topics to Write a Research Paper: The number of female protagonists in video games like Kait Diaz in Gears 5, has remained low for years. Sexism in Video Games.

Easy Topics to Write a Research Paper on: Current and popular culture continue to shift- offering commentators the documenting of new insights and developments. 

Sometimes writing a research paper can seem difficult. You may not know how to start or what topic to write about. This list of 10 cool topics, presented by Copycrafter will make it easy for you to begin. They cover several interesting areas, so you can quickly select the one that you like.

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

This research topic is suitable for people who are interested in alternative medicine. Medical marijuana has become very popular in recent years, and many countries are taking steps to legalize it. Several people use it to treat epilepsy in children because other medicines do not help. 

Medical marijuana is also used to treat diseases that affect the eyes, and abundant research exists regarding its effectiveness in treating osteoarthritis. It can help people with various anxiety disorders and is available in several forms. A research paper in this area would help to educate people who have questions about this natural medicine.

Sexism in Modern Video Games

Many female gamers complain that images of women in video games are sometimes sexist. In fact, game developers who are female find that they often have to prove themselves. To what extent are claims of sexism in video games true? Use research to support your argument.

Discuss the Extent to Which Paternity Leave has Strengthened Families

Several countries around the world now provide paternity leave, and the numbers increase every year. Despite that, some people are not certain that paternity leave has a positive impact on the health of newborns or mothers. Is this attitude influenced by facts or historical prejudices? Has research shown that fathers and their children benefit from having time to bond in the first few weeks after delivery? Is the relationship between partners strengthened when the father is home to provide support? Some studies do show that taking paternity leave can damage a man’s professional reputation and affect his future earning potential.

Analyze the Impact that a Famous Musician has had on the World

Music is an international language. As such, a person does not have to understand a particular tongue to respond to music in that language. Several famous musicians transcend international boundaries and reach people all across the world with messages of hope. Your research can show how one musician, in particular, has positively affected humanity.

Analyze the Impact that Social Work has had in Displaced Communities

Show how social workers have inspired migrants to make a positive change even after escaping civil unrest and other adverse circumstances. Demonstrate how communities have used social support to keep them moving forward towards a vision for their lives..

Has Social Media Changed the Way People Interact with Each Other

Many people make claims that social media helps them to stay in touch with people who they have not seen in a while. Others say that social media allows people to present false images of themselves, and encourages narcissism. To what extent are these claims true? Is social media having a detrimental or beneficial effect on society?

What has been the Impact of Recent Changes in America’s Trade Policies?

Since America changed its trade policies, it has been at odds with several countries. Some of these have taken action to retaliate against what some observers view as aggressive protectionism. How has America’s stance changed the way that its products are viewed overseas? Are local companies making greater profits after these policy changes?

How has Country Music Changed over the Years?

Country music in America has developed in several ways over the years. This may be partly because the tastes of younger fans are different from those of people who have been fans for over 60 years. How has the music changed, and to what extent is this due to artistes who want greater crossover appeal?

Are Vaccines for Children Hurting or Helping Them?

Vaccines have helped to decrease the incidence of diseases like measles, mumps, and rubella in children. Some parents of autistic children feel that there is a connection to the use of vaccines. A research paper in this area would discuss the findings in this area, thereby helping parents to make informed decisions.

Are Antibiotics Good or Bad?

With the help of antibiotics, some diseases have been almost entirely eradicated from society, and very few people nowadays even know what a smallpox infection looks like. All of these things are possible because of antibiotics.

Unfortunately, several doctors are concerned that antibiotics may have been misused, and that is causing antibiotic resistance. Use research to analyze this argument.