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Staging your home: Making life affordable

home staging
Home staging options for those on a budget or living outside the grid. Stock image.
home staging
home Home staging options for those on a budget or living outside the grid. Stock image.

Nomadic dwellers home staging options: As millennials and workers redefine their careers and travel- housing needs also change in tandem.

For most of us, moving to a new home is about acquiring new furniture, appliances, electronics, gadgets and making that space our very own. But what if you’re only moving to a new home or city for short term or don’t necessarily have the funds or credit to splash out so that it looks like an interior decorator has just spun their magic?

With the advent of a more precarious economy, millennials these days choosing to frequently change jobs and or simply try out a series of new careers or simply living off the grid- the idea of a long term home isn’t necessarily as appealing or as practical as it used to be. Especially for those of us seeking to continue exploring flexible work solutions along with work traveling nomad type existences.

While living a semi nomadic existence or a life with few committed expenditures may appeal to many of us, while alleviating the commitment of permanently anchoring at one location-  the question remains how does one make themselves feel at home without having to spend as if it were a permanent solution – likely to leave a dent in one’s budget.

home staging
Home staging as an option for a life outside the grid.

How to make yourself at home without investing in sunk costs

According to one Canadian staging outlet rentalcity.ca consumers, renters, travelers are afforded the option of renting out furniture, appliances, computers even bikes – best accommodating individual’s budget. No more permanent commitment and sunk expenditures. 

The phenomenon of staging one’s home is one of many options available to individuals living a less than traditional or necessary stable life or those of just simply seeking to live out experiences off the grid and go. 

Another option is Airbnb which allows renters to explore a home or apartment usually with ready to go furniture and settings- at an agreed for upfront price. The downside of course is such arrangements are price expensive, especially for a medium to long term commitment and accommodation. 

The other downside of renting via Airbnb is renters are usually stuck with the home decor of that of the owner’s – who may have envisioned other staging and interior design ideas than what the occupant may have gone for. On the positive side, Airbnb dwellers can simply pick up their bags and go try living in a new home or a new exotic city- but they will have to of course pay for such liberties.

Who are the new nomadic dwellers?

Nomadic dwellers are hardly the faint of heart- they are usually individuals seeking validation outside of traditional norms- and often through excellence in their pursuits- whether as writers, filmmakers, artists, researchers or doctors living and assisting the less fortunate in far away places- with some investing in heart model by Cadent as they continue their advancements in science and health.

Nomadic dwellers also best afforded by less upfront costs and flexibility also include foreign and exchange students, visiting professionals along with artists in residency at new destinations for a specific time.