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How? 14 year old teen mauled to death by pack of dogs he was taking care of

Ryan Hazel
Pictured, 14-year-old Massachusetts boy, Ryan Hazel who was mauled by pack of dogs.
Ryan Hazel
Pictured, 14-year-old Massachusetts boy, Ryan Hazel who was mauled by pack of dogs.

14-year-old Dighton, Massachusetts boy, Ryan Hazel mauled to death by pack of dogs he’d been asked to take care of by property and dog owner, Scott Dunmore.

A 14-year-old Massachusetts boy has been mauled to death by dogs that he was caring for, a prosecutor said Friday.

The teenager killed Thursday night at a property in Dighton was identified by Bristol District Attorney Thomas Quinn III at a news conference as Ryan Hazel, of the neighboring town of Rehoboth.

The owner of the property, who was not home at the time, is cooperating with investigators but no foul play is suspected, Quinn said. He has been identified as 49-year-old Scott Dunmore, WCVB reported.

Dunmore’s website- 3dogsrunning.com– claims that he has been training dogs professionally for 15 years. He specializes in pack exercises. 

Noted the website: ‘Scott Dunmore has the knowledge, hands-on experience and teaching ability to help dog owners in a multitude of scenarios. Whether you’re looking to start off on the right foot with a new puppy, are experiencing behavioral or aggression issues in your adult dog, or would like to introduce your dog to a new sport or activity, Scott can offer insight and assistance’.

‘Things like that should never happen to anybody, let alone a 14-year-old boy,’ said Dighton Police Chief Robert MacDonald during Friday’s press conference.  

Ryan Hazel mauled to death: chain of events.

Ryan was brought to the home by his grandmother at about 6pm Thursday, Quinn said.

She waited in the car because he usually took no more than 45 minutes to complete his tasks. She became worried when he took longer than normal, so she called his parents, who called a neighbor.

The neighbor went to the property, found the boy and called 911 at about 8pm.

Ryan had ‘traumatic injuries to various areas of his body,’ and was pronounced dead at the scene, Quinn said.

Police found four dogs running free on the property and seven in kennels. The four that were free were Dutch shepherds and Belgian malinois.

Animal control took custody of all 11, at least one of which acted aggressively, Quinn said.

Of note, there had been no prior complaints about dogs at the property, MacDonald said.

Not immediately clear is what led to the dogs setting on the teen boy and whether the property owner had given adequate instructions to the boy. Or whether for that matter the boy was equipped to handle the dogs or if the dogs simply set on the teen in confusion of not being handled by their normal dog carrier- a point of fact that Dunmore ought to have been aware of.

Ryan Hazel
Pictured the dogs on Scott Dunmore’s property that likely mauled teen boy, Ryan Hazel to death.

Ryan Hazel remembered: 

Ryan was a student at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School in Taunton, according to a statement from Superintendent Alexandre Magalhaes.

‘We are saddened by this loss in our school community, and as we come together, our leadership team will make every effort to provide assistance to our students, families and fellow employees as needed,’ he said.

The towns are about 35 miles southwest of Boston.

It remained unclear what authorities now planned to do with the dogs that mauled the teen to death.