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‘I did it before’ 4 year old Minnesota boy dies in hot car cause dad thought son would play video game

Kristopher Taylor
Pictured, Kristopher Taylor Minneapolis 4 year old son, Riley Taylor.
Kristopher Taylor
Pictured, Kristopher Taylor St Paul, Minnesota 4 year old son, Riley Taylor.

Minnesota father, Kristopher Taylor charged with the death of his four year old son, Riley- who died after being left in a hot SUV while he worked. 

A 26 year old Minnesota man has been charged with the death of his four year old son after leaving his four year old son in a hot SUV only to die as the father worked.

Kristopher Alexander Taylor, 26, of Apple Valley was charged with second degree manslaughter of his son Riley Taylor after the child died in St. Paul on Saturday.   

Authorities say Taylor left the child in the vehicle for hours in an unshaded area while he worked the Grillfest BBQ event at CHS Field

Taylor checked on his son at 11.30am and then returned to the SUV at about 5.15pm to find the boy was stiff, according to his criminal complaint.

He rushed his son to the hospital but he was already dead the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

The temperature reached 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

The boy was allegedly in the sun and ‘entirely exposed’ to the elements.

According to the complaint, Taylor told police he left the window open a crack and gave the boy a hand-held video game.

The medical examiner’s office ruled that Riley died from hyperthermia.  

Kristopher Taylor
Pictured, Minneapolis father, Kristopher Taylor.

Kristopher Taylor Minnesota father said he’d left child alone in car before: 

Taylor allegedly told police that he didn’t think it was too hot to leave Riley in the car. 

He said he had done it on another occasion last year without any problems.   

The incident followed Ryan’s mother leaving the 4 year old boy in Taylor’s care around 2:30 a.m. Friday while she went to work, the complaint noted.

Not immediately understood is why the father declined to leave the boy with a child care facility and whether such options existed or were affordable.

‘This is just a tragedy for everybody involved. It’s heartbreaking,’ said Steve Linders with St. Paul Police. ‘This is a tragic reminder that kids, especially young kids, should never be left alone in a vehicle. There are so many things that could go wrong and this is the worst of them.’

The boy is believed to be the fifth child to die of hyperthermia in a vehicle so far this year following a record year for such deaths across the country in 2018, when 52 children suffered heat-related deaths in cars.

Kristopher Taylor
Pictured, Kristopher Taylor, St Paul, Minnesota, 4 year old son, Riley Taylor.