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Garage Door Opener Parts Replacement Procedure

Garage Door Opener Repair
Guide to Garage Door Opener Repair Explained. Stock image.
Garage Door Opener Parts Replacement Procedure
Garage Door Opener Parts Replacement Procedure Explained. Stock image.

Garage Door Opener Parts Replacement Procedure: How to spot obvious signs of wear and tear and what to do when it comes time for preparing for repair. 

Your typical garage door system is made up of many different small and large parts working together in order to make a heavy door go up and down in a controlled fashion. The typical American home puts more stress of their garage door than they truly realize.  Optimally, all these moving metal parts needs to be maintained just like anything else and yet they oftentimes get neglected.

The most common garage door opener parts that will wear out and need to be replaced out are:

  • drums
  • cables
  • pulleys
  • springs (whether they are torsion or extension)
  • hinges
  • the actual motor

These are the parts on your garage door that receive the most wear and therefore these are the parts that will give out the quickest.

It’s wise for a homeowner to do a quick visual inspection of these the parts just mentioned at least once a year.  It really should not take more than 10-15 minutes.

Nevertheless, if they do break down and your should need to replace one of your garage door parts here the the process you should use.

Find out which brand and model your garage door is.

Evaluate exactly what is causing the problem and if possible write down the model number of that particular garage door part.

Call a local garage door dealer in your area and ask if they stock this part.  If they do ask them what it costs. You might also want to ask how much it would cost to have it installed.  Do not purchase the part just yet.

Go to the internet and check out several online garage door opener parts stores and check out their prices.

If you can get that particular part significantly cheaper online and can install it yourself then by all means purchase it.

If the price is not much cheaper (remember to factor in shipping though garage door parts stores on the internet offer free shipping over a certain dollar amount) or if you cannot install it yourself go to the local dealer.

Just make certain they guarantee their work.  About half of the parts that malfunction on your garage door will be easily fixed with the proper part.  The other half will require the skills and special tools of a garage technician to be done properly.

When you are choosing a garage door company make sure you choose one who has a good reputation in your area, has experience in what they do, recommended by at least three people, and offer some kind of warranty on their work.

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