Home Scandal and Gossip How? Colorado grandma dies after both kidneys ‘mistakenly’ removed.

How? Colorado grandma dies after both kidneys ‘mistakenly’ removed.

Linda Woolley
Colorado woman, Linda Woolley
Linda Woolley
Pictured, Linda Woolley with daughter Jodi Fournier.

Colorado woman, Linda Woolley dies eight months after erroneously having both healthy kidneys removed by doctors. Woman had been waiting for kidney transplant. 

A 73-year-old Colorado woman who claimed having both her healthy kidneys removed by doctors eight months ago has died. 

Linda Woolley of Englewood was taking the steps to get on the nation’s kidney transplant waiting list when she died Friday from cardiac arrest, KDVR reported.

Wooley underwent surgery in May 2018 to remove both kidneys after saying doctors at the University of Colorado Hospital told her she likely had kidney cancer. Following the procedure, she was required to undergo four hours of dialysis three days a week.

It wasn’t until after the surgery that Woolley discovered her biopsy reports prior to the procedure showed ‘no evidence of malignancy’.

‘I was not real happy,’ Woolley told KDVR in November. ‘My life was totally changed. Dialysis is no picnic no matter how used to it you get, it robs you of your life.’

‘It is terrifying because you have no choice when you go into a hospital,’ Woolley reiterated. ‘You trust that you’re going to be taken care of.’

Prior to her death, Woolley retained an attorney to file a lawsuit alleging malpractice against the hospital, WGN-TV reported.

Woolley’s family said they believe the grandmother would ‘absolutely’ still be alive if she didn’t have the procedure.

‘There’s a few things the kidneys regulate, one of them being potassium,’ her daughter Jodi Fournier told KDVR.

‘And when you don’t have them you have the dialysis that removes those toxins in your body. Her [potassium] levels were twice what they should’ve been and that ultimately caused the cardiac arrest.’

The University of Colorado Hospital released a statement following the former patient’s death.

‘Our deepest condolences go out to the family and loved ones,’ the hospital said.

‘We are committed to providing the highest-quality care for our patients. Unfortunately, we are unable to discuss any specific patients because of federal and state laws that protect patients’ privacy.’

A GoFundMe page has been launched to raise money for Woolley’s funeral expenses.