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Grand Rapid dismemberment, ‘I could murder someone & get away with it’

Jared James Chance and Ashley Young
Jared James Chance and Ashley Young
Pictured, Jared James Chance and Ashley Young

Michigan man-Jared James Chance indicted in the murder of Ashley Young after her dismembered body parts are found at his Grand Rapids home. 

A Grand Rapids, Michigan man who previously boasted of being able to murder someone and get away with it has been arrested after pieces of a missing woman’s body was found in his apartment.

Jared James Chance, 29, was charged Wednesday in the death of his 31-year-old friend Ashley Young, after the woman’s mutilated body was discovered at his home.

Young of Kalamazoo was last seen alive Nov. 29 with Chance at local bar, Miss Tracy’s party store.

Three days later, Chance’s neighbor discovered her torso in the apartment building’s basement, following a foul smell being detected the Holland Sentinel reported. Officials uncovered more body parts in the suspect’s second-floor apartment and DNA testing revealed they belonged to the missing woman.

Upon his arrest, Chance was initially charged with mutilation of a dead body.

Kent County prosecutors filed more charges Wednesday against Chance, including open murder and three counts of tampering with evidence WZZM reported.

Officials have not released a motive for the grisly killing.

Jared James Chance and Ashley Young
Jared James Chance and Ashley Young

Jared James Chance boasts he could get away with murder:

Of disconcert, in the days before Ashley Young’s mutilated body was found in his basement, Jared Chance told others he knew how to kill and get away with it, police said in court documents.

The suspect’s parents, James and Barbara Chance, were also charged with accessory after the fact and lying to police.

Police say they found a saw, believed to be used in the mutilation, under the couch of Chance’s parents’ home in Holland. Forensics revealed the saw containing traces of human blood and tissue on it.

On Dec. 1, the day before the victim’s body was found, Chance’s parents picked up their son. He put boxes into their Honda before they headed to the couple’s Holland home. On the way, they stopped at Young’s car so Chance could retrieve another box.

Officials said Chance’s father, James Howard Chance – a retired police officer, took his son Dec. 1 to the Grand Rapids Police Department. The Chance family claims they were turned away by law enforcement, but the department officials deny their account.

Chance is expected to be arraigned Friday, Jan. 4, on charges of open murder and four counts of tampering with evidence.

Police have not recovered all of the victim’s body parts.

Barbara and James Chance
Pictured, James Howard Chance and Barbara Louise Chance
Jared James Chance
Jared James Chance