Home Scandal and Gossip Ex New Mexico beauty queen beats up fiancé after argument.

Ex New Mexico beauty queen beats up fiancé after argument.

Annittra Atler
Pictured former New Mexico Beauty Queen, Annittra Atler.
Annittra Atler
Pictured former New Mexico Beauty Queen, Annittra Atler.

Annittra Atler a former New Mexico beauty queen and special educations principal and actress arrested after beating up her fiancé. 

A former New Mexico beauty queen and educator and former actress who once appeared on the hit television show ‘Better Call Saul’ has been arrested after an incident of domestic violence involving her fiancé and the man’s son.

Annittra Atler, 46, of Albuquerque, was arrested Sunday at her home after her fiancé, Patrick Ficke, told cops the special education principal for Albuquerque Public Schools ‘beat [him] up’ after finding her son watching adult on her work computer.

‘Patrick said he got upset at the situation and told Annitra her son was ‘acting stupid,’’ the complaint cited by the nypost read. ‘He said Annitra then got upset and began to push him.’

Ficke told officers that the assault took place in the couple’s bedroom- with the man saying he was ‘possibly’ hurt after falling on the floor. According to the fiancé, the man’s son, Aiden, witnessed the entire attack.

Ficke then called his son’s mother to ask her to pick him up from the home.

Annittra Atler denies ever assaulting her fiancé and his son:

Upon responding officers arriving, the former beauty queen said that she and Ficke had been drinking wine during dinner when then got into an argument when Ficke found adult content on her work computer that her son had just been using. Atler in turn denied the dispute ever got physical.

The mother of Ficke’s son — who was identified by police as Veronica Lewandowski — told cops that Ficke called her earlier to say that he had been assaulted by Atler and that she should come pick up their son.

‘She then went to their residence and picked up Aiden,’ the complaint continued. ‘Veronica told me that Aiden said he saw Annittra hitting his dad. Aiden was also in the room and tried to intervene, when Annittra slapped him with her left hand across his right cheek.’

Ficke’s son, who was not seriously injured, told cops that his father had found ‘bad things’ on Atler’s work computer, which had been recently used by her own son, Shawn.

But it gets grimmer….

Annittra Atler once praised as a role model for children:

‘He said his dad and Annittra began to argue as Annittra was cussing at Patrick,’ the complaint continued. ‘Aiden said he saw Annittra hitting his dad in their bedroom with closed fists.’

Ficke’s son said that Atler hit his father five or six times before turning around and slapped him, which the former actress/beauty queen denied.

‘She said Aiden disrespected her by calling her a monster,’ according to the criminal complaint.

A regard of Atler’s IMDb profile shows her previously played the wife of a businessman named Dale during Season 2 of ‘Better Call Saul’ in 2016. Atler is also a former beauty queen who won a national pageant called Ms. Woman United States in 2015, KRQE reported.

At the time, Atler was praised by the station as a role model for children in addition to her post as a principal at Abode Acres Elementary School. She advocated working against childhood hunger prior to taking home the pageant in Las Vegas.

‘I have the most incredible staff in all of Albuquerque,’ Annittra told media outlet in 2015.

‘And they’ve been so super supportive and really, really kind of put up with me with all of my nerves and my craziness throughout this year, so I’m really blessed and I can’t do enough to give back to them.’

A spokeswoman for Albuquerque Public Schools has since confirmed Atler having been placed on administrative leave following her arrest.

Atler now faces possible termination.