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Ohio sixth grade boy hangs self after bullies told him to commit suicide

Aaron Fuller
Pictured, Aaron Fuller
Aaron Fuller
Pictured, Aaron Fuller

Aaron Fuller a sixth grader at Ohio’s Lake Middle School commits suicide after bullies told him to take his own life. 

An Ohio sixth-grader has taken his own life after school bullies told him to commit suicide.

Aaron Fuller, 13, hanged himself with a belt in his bedroom Jan. 11 over what his family believes was a result of the bullying he experienced at Lake Middle Schoolthe Toledo Blade reported.

Aaron’s family had returned from running errands only to find him with a belt around his neck. Aaron’s stepmother, Tami Fuller, who is a nurse, performed CPR on the boy to no avail- with the boy dead.

Before his death, bullies picked on the teen’s clothing and told him on social media to kill himself, according to his family.

His parents reported the incident to the school, but officials told them they couldn’t do anything because Aaron also played a role in the exchange, the Blade reported.

‘He was picked on and picked on and picked on, and Friday night was the last night he was going to be picked on,’ Aaron’s uncle Joshua Tooley told the Sentinel-Tribune.

Aaron’s parents contend their son’s school refused to intervene when Aaron was being bullied at the school premises.

‘Our school family is heartbroken over the death of our student, Aaron Fuller,’ the school district said in a statement. ‘Our prayers go out to Aaron’s family and friends during this most difficult time. All of us who knew Aaron are grieving and will miss him very much. At this time, due to an ongoing police investigation and potential litigation, the district will have no further comments regarding this matter.’

Does Lake Middle School have blood on their hands? 

Aaron’s family said they’re now speaking out to raise awareness about preventing bullying.

‘[The bullying] has to stop,’ Aaron’s dad, Steve Fuller, told the Blade. ‘People have to learn. … These kids aren’t just getting bullied, but they know if they go say something to a teacher or someone else, they’re the next one who is going to get picked on or beat up.’

Aaron’s father said his son had been bullied repeatedly and used to defend himself, however, his classmates recently said that he had lately stopped sticking up for himself. The family said that Aaron had taken to sitting in the cafeteria quietly while he was attacked and teased over things like forgetting money and not packing a lunch.

Not clear was what protocol was instituted by the school in a bid to diffuse bullying and whether any of the students taunting the boy were ever brought to account?

‘Every night when I go upstairs, his room is right across from ours, and I look in there and I still can’t believe it. I still say goodnight to him and tell him that I love him,’ Fuller told the Blade. ‘I can’t say it hasn’t sunk in that he’s gone, but I don’t want to believe it. I just can’t believe it right now.’

Aaron’s obituary read that the 13-year-old was passionate about animals, and shared his home with his bunny “Bob” and his dogs.

Not immediately clear is whether Aaron’s family will seek to now bring litigation against the school.