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Florida woman attacks boyfriend for not making love with her

Rebecca Lynn Phelps
Pictured, Rebecca Lynn Phelps. Police bookings.
Rebecca Lynn Phelps
Pictured, Rebecca Lynn Phelps. Police bookings.

Rebecca Lynn Phelps a Florida woman arrested after assaulting her male partner after the man declined her sexual advances. Second arrest for same offence in 14 months. 

A Florida woman has been arrested after ‘battering’ her partner after the man refused to make love with her- leading to the lovelorn woman’s second arrest for the same offence in  14 months.

Rebecca Lynn Phelps, 31, of Hudson was charged with domestic battery after allegedly assaulted a man, with whom she shares a child, inside their home on Thanksgiving night when he turned down her physical advances, The Smoking Gun reported.

According to the arrest report, the victim was asleep just before midnight Thursday when Phelps entered the bedroom ‘and grabbed his genitals wanting to have sex.’

The sleepy man ‘said no’ and went back to bed, according to the police document.

But it only continued to get grimmer…

At some point, Phelps returned to the bedroom and ‘started tapping the victim’s leg.’ The man ‘pretended to be asleep to ignore the defendant who is intoxicated,’ the arrest report noted.

Easier said than done.

Phelps not to be undone and in ‘dire heat’ in turn ‘scratched the victim on his left eye causing it to swell and turn black and blue,’ according to the arrest report.

During police questioning, Phelps denied touching the man.

Phelps was released Monday from the county jail after posting $10K $100 bail- with a judge ordering her to have no contact with her male victim.

Rebecca Lynn Phelps
Rebecca Lynn Phelps- November 2018 police bookings.

Rebecca Lynn Phelps: A history of not getting her way….

It’s not the first time Phelps took out her rage on a man who rejected her sexual advances.

In September 2017, Phelps was arrested on a battery charge for allegedly smacking and scratching a man who did not want to have sexual relations according to WFLA.

During that incident, Phelps and the victim had been drinking outside of a Florida home when Phelps started to get mad that the man did not want to fornicate, according to an arrest report.

‘The defendant then started to scream and smack the victim. The defendant smacked the victim so hard on the right side of his face it left redness on his face,’ the police document noted.

The man pleaded with her to stop, threatening to call police and have her committed under Florida’s Baker Act, which ‘angered her more.’

‘The defendant scratched the victim with her right hand on the victim’s right arm, which broke skin and caused the victim to bleed,’ according to the arrest report.

In that case, Phelps told police that nothing happened and that she did not know why the man was bleeding.

Not immediately clear was whether the victim in the 2017 incident was the same man as in this year’s Thanksgiving incident.

Rebecca Lynn Phelps
Rebecca Lynn Phelps. Police bookings, 2017.