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Most Popular Sports Betting Sites in South Africa

South Africa Sports Betting Sites
South Africa Sports Betting Sites
South Africa Sports Betting Sites
South Africa Sports Betting Sites

South Africa Sports Betting Sites: The proliferation of betting on sports events continues as vendors come on board to match increasing demand in the nation’s ‘newest sport’. 

South Africa is a real paradise for sports fans. Here you can not only watch and play some of the world’s most popular sports, but you can also bet on your favorite sports events.

South Africa sports betting is fully legal and each of 9 provinces has its own regulatory board for sports betting. According to the government statistics, more than half of the adult population in South Africa place bets from time to time.

Sports betting is growing as a percentage of gross gaming revenue, according to data from PricewaterhouseCoopers. South Africa sits squarely between the the United Kingdom–a mature gaming market–and the United States–an emerging regulated gaming market.

Therefore, the list of sports betting sites in this region is constantly growing and it isn’t so easy to choose a suitable betting site in order to score big.

South Africa Sports Betting
South Africa Sports Betting continues to grow rapidly. Key drivers: mobile, retail and demand drivers like the PSL, EPL, cricket and rugby.

Betting Sites South Africa

If you’re looking for the right sports betting site to place your bet, here you’ll find top 5 most popular legal betting sites in South Africa that offer good and generous bonuses and are very interesting for new bettors and for punters as well.

* Marathonbet: Well-known as the reliable sports betting site, Marathonbet allows the bettors to bet not only on popular sports (like soccer, rugby and cricket), but it also offers a nice assortment of rare ones. Moreover, the site shows the lowest margin at the market – 23% and this fact makes Marathonbet one of the most distinguished betting sites in South Africa.

* William Hill: Such a trusted betting site as William Hill is also among the best! It is one one the oldest betting sites in the world (not only in South Africa). This website attracts our attention because of many years of perfect reputation, payment options, promotions and, of course, a great variety of bets.

* Betway: It is one of the most reputable betting websites that has become popular not only in South Africa but all around the world. Betway provides a huge variety of promotions and deposit options for bettors in order to make sports betting online easier and faster. This site partners with all large South Africa banks, so you have the opportunity to bet through your Credit Card if necessary.

* Sportingbet: Being one of the most recognizable sports betting brands in the gambling industry of South Africa, Sportingbet has an excellent reputation and high rating. It was founded in 1997 and with each passing year this bookmaker is increasingly gaining ground and expanding its betting opportunities. This site is comfy and easy to use. It offers more than 8 000 betting variations every single day across 30 different sports. Sportsbet has also a “Live Chat” and a  50 welcome bonus.

* Sunbet: Relatively new site for sports betting, Sunbet is one of the top 5 most recommended websites in 2018. The site offers a lot of betting selections and very generous deposit bonuses. Besides, Sunbet provides you the ability to have a mobile app, so you can bet on using just your phone, no matter where you are!

South Africa Sports Betting
South Africa Sports Betting growth as a percentage of gross gaming revenue. Chart via Chalkline Sports.

Bet Online South Africa

Today it is actually more popular to bet online than to visit a land-based bookie. And there are two main reasons for this!

First of all, if you want to place your bet in the land-based bookie, you have to pay special taxes (the amount of such taxes differs from one South Africa province to another). Online betting exonerates you from these taxes and that’s great by itself!

Besides, online bookmakers let you bet at your comfort zone whenever it is convenient for you and when you are in the mood for betting. Actually, this increases your chances of winning!

Betting online on different sports events is a perfect opportunity not only to enjoy your favorite sport but also to gain profit from it. Just remember, your winning depends directly on the betting site you’ll choose. Thus, pay attention to the most recommended and reputable sports betting sites that are mentioned on our top list!