Home Scandal and Gossip Man leaps to his death from hotel after Queens wife kills child

Man leaps to his death from hotel after Queens wife kills child

TIna and Mohammad Torabi
Pictured, TIna and Mohammad Torabi
TIna and Mohammad Torabi
Pictured, Tina and Mohammad Torabi

Mohammad Torabi leaps to his suicide death after his estranged wife, Tina fatally beats one of the couple’s toddler twins leaving the other seriously injured.

The estranged husband of a Queens woman suspected of viciously beating the couple’s twin toddlers- one fatally- has died died after leaping to his suicide death from a NYC, midtown hotel.

The nypost reported the body of Mohammad Torabi being found circa 1.20pm, Saturday atop of a third -floor air conditioning unit at the Renaissance New York Hotel on East 57th Street.

Police believe the 31-year-old plunged from the roof of the 17-story hotel sometime Friday, and had been dead for a day before he was spotted.

Police said the father left behind no note, and are now investigating the man’s death as a suicide.

News of Torabi’s death followed his wife, Tina Torabi, being taken into custody at Rikers on suspicion of allegedly beating their thirteen-month-old son, Kian, nearly to death in their Flushing home as well as fatally beating the boy’s twin sister, Elaina. 

A coroners autopsy noted the infant girl being unconscious in the of the family’s Flushing home on Wednesday night. The girl did not survive her injuries.

Both twins suffered ‘severe body trauma,’ according to police.

Mohammad and Tina Torabi troubled marriage: marred by drugs violence and dysfunction:

The husband’s death comes in the aftermath of what detectives described a troubled marriage marred by drugs and violence, including claims of abuse toward the wife at the hands of Mohammad Torabi. 

The couple had married in Houston in 2012, and lived in Texas before moving to New York to be near the husband’s relatives.

Sources familiar with the case claimed Mohammad at some point turning his wife, 30, on to drugs.

Last January, Torabi’s wife won an order of protection against her husband- which had been repeatedly renewed. 

‘We knew the dad was no good and didn’t want him anywhere near the wife and kids,‘ a source told via the nypost.

The twins were on the city’s radar since their birth last year, after doctors found opioids in their systems upon their birth. 

Unclear is whether Mohammad made time for the children, after the husband was ordered to stay away from Tina after conceding previously choking the woman. 

Neighbors said, Tina struggled having to take care of the couple’s twins along with three other older children, including sisters Mila, 2, Nadia, 4 and Ariana, 5.

‘She never looked like something was wrong with her — she [just] looked overwhelmed,’ said one neighbor.

Kian remained Saturday in critical but stable condition in the intensive care unit at Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

The boy suffered multiple broken ribs, bruises to his groin, a broken hip, a lacerated liver and severe swelling to his abdomen.

More lacerations were found all over his body.

Elaina suffered bruising to the back of her head and genitals, a large wound on her abdomen and blisters and open lesions all over her body.

Tina Torabi has since been charged with with felony assault for the brutal injuries to her toddler son Kian, and is expected to be charged in the beating death of the boy’s twin sister.