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16lbs: Terre Haute mom sentenced 15 years in five year old disabled daughter neglect death

Adilynn Moseman
Pictured Tiffany Daugherty daughter, Adilynn Moseman.
Adilynn Moseman
Pictured Tiffany Daugherty daughter, Adilynn Moseman.

Tiffany Daugherty a Terre Haute, Indiana mother is sentenced 15 years jail in the neglect death of five year old daughter, Adilynn Moseman. 

An Indiana mother has been sentenced to 15 years jail in the 2016 death of her disabled five year old daughter.

Tribstar reported Tiffany Daugherty receiving a 21-year total sentence, with the remaining six years to be served through Vigo County Community Corrections.

The prison term follows Adilynn Moseman dying from starvation and lack of medical care in January 2016.

The 29-year-old Terre Haute mother pleaded guilty to neglect, theft and reckless homicide last month in connection with the death prior to Friday’s sentencing. 

As part of last month’s plea bargain, Judge John Roach said upon Daugherty serving 10 years in prison, the mother of four would be eligible to petition the court to modify the remaining five years of her prison sentence. Upon her eventual release, Daugherty would be placed on six years probation.

Had Daugherty gone to jail, the mother faced a maximum of 67 years in prison reported WTHI-TV.

Tiffany Daugherty and Brian Moseman
Pictured, Adilynn Moseman parents, Tiffany Daugherty and Brian Moseman.

Indiana child-welfare services manager damning testimony: 

Daugherty and her boyfriend and the father of her four children, Brian Moseman, were arrested last year after authorities determined the couple failing to provide adequate nutrition and medical care for Adilynn, who had a brain abnormality called microcephaly.

An autopsy found the couple’s debilitated daughter dying from malnutrition and severe pneumonia. The Pharos-Tribune reported Adilynn weighing only 16 pounds at the time of her death.

During Daugherty’s trial an Indiana child-welfare services manager, Carrie Stafford testified that the mother didn’t adequately feed her daughter and had stopped taking her to medical appointments.

Stafford told of several bottles of formula being found in the Daugherty home which the five year old girl had been denied.

Daugherty testified she suffered from post traumatic stress disorder due to crimes against her, including attempted kidnapping, as well as her mother’s suicide attempt. She also admitted in statements to police she used methamphetamine.

The mother further testified having stopped taking her five year old to doctor’s appointments at about age 3, ‘because she felt no progress was being made for her daughter’. Daugherty claimed taking the child to a doctor a few months before her death when she noticed a decline in her health.

Moseman will go on trial for criminal neglect beginning October 1. 

Tiffany Daugherty
Pictured, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana mother, Tiffany Daugherty. Police bookings.