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Rome: The Perfect Airport Transfers For Your Option

Perfect Airport Transfers
Perfect Airport Transfers: Navigating Rome, Italy.
 Perfect Airport Transfers
Perfect Airport Transfers: Navigating Rome, Italy.

The Perfect Airport Transfers For Your Traveling Options considered next time you take a trip.  Navigating Rome, from city center to connecting lines. 

International Airport is located in Rome, about thirty kilometers east of the city center. It is modern, clean and not too vast (it is easy to find). It is here that departures and landings for domestic and international flights are found. The airport is well served, whether by public transport or road infrastructure. Wherever you want to go, there are several options available to you. Living Rome gives you all the information you need to know how to get from Rome airport to the city center or to the different ports.

A major change has occurred since 1 February 2018: the opening of a direct line between the airport and airports. No need to make a change. This is so much simpler and faster! The Rome Airport transfers are there now.

Public transport from the airport: metro and suburban train

The metro has a big advantage: it avoids traffic jams. At peak times it can be faster than a taxi.

Line 3 (blue) connects the airport to the city center. To reach the metro station from the Arrivals Hall, count about ten minutes’ walk. Exit at the door 3, go up the stairs in front of the Sofitel hotel and take the bridge.

Approximately 45 minutes by subway to Rome city center

The ticket costs 10 $ / person (18 $ for two people, 24 $ for three people). Beware of the return ticket (18 $): the return must be made within 48 hours. There is also a 3-day pass-tourism (including a return trip to the airport) at the price of 22 $, which is financially interesting. Since November 2017, the notes are on magnetic card holders.

If you want to go to the port of Piraeus by metro, it will make a change and then take the line 1 (green) to its terminus “Piraeus” (1:30 total journey). Otherwise, take the new direct airport-Piraeus connection with the suburban train.

 Perfect Airport Transfers
Perfect Airport Transfers: Discovering Rome- The Vatican.


The taxi is probably the most interesting option for groups and families and the most convenient for travelers with a lot of luggage. It is also the easiest: the driver drops you directly in front of your hotel (to find the best hotels in Rome, see the suggestions).

But the taxi is not necessarily the fastest option. Whether to go to the center or the port of Piraeus, count at least an hour of travel, sometimes more in case of traffic jams.

The journey from Rome airport to the city center is subject to a flat rate: $38 during the day and $54 per night (from midnight to 5am).

Car rental

Finally, you can also rent a vehicle. You will find in the airport (arrivals hall) all the main rental agencies. We advise you to book your vehicle before your stay, through the Rental Cars website. It allows you to see at a glance the prices and services of different agencies, book and pay online (with the possibility of cancellation without fees). When you get off the plane, your vehicle is waiting for you and you are ready to start your stay in Rome!

Finally, if you are in transit at Rome Airport and are looking for ideas to spend time pleasantly, check out our article “In Transit for a Few Hours at Rome Airport “: nearby beaches, shopping, activities for young and old … we tell you everything!

 Perfect Airport Transfers
Perfect Airport Transfers: Getting around the many Roman treasures and delights….