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How to Write a Perfect Essay on Effects of Pop Culture

Writing perfect pop culture essays
Writing perfect pop culture essays: A checklist. Image via social media.
Writing perfect pop culture essays
Writing perfect pop culture essays: A checklist. Image via social media.

Writing perfect pop culture essays: How to master a skillful presentation requires some planning and constructive follow through along with some well thought out writing ideas.

Popular culture leaves a good impact on our lives in one way or the other. Judith Ortiz Cofer, Eric Schlosser, and Nora Ephron are some of the finest pop artists to date. While in school or college, students are frequently asked to write essays on pop culture or pop artists. How to write an effective and impressive essay on pop culture?

Writing an essay on effects of pop culture seems to be one of the dreaded tasks. Whether you are writing your essay for a scholarship, a contest or your class, you need to bear in mind the following things provided by Perfect Essay.


You should bear in mind that entertainment is an extensive industry and there are more than enough pop artists, starting from the history to recent times. So, it may be confusing for you to choose a topic. Sometimes students get confused when it comes to choosing a topic. You don’t have to worry in this regard; just pick your topic wisely and make sure it is up to the mark and its content is beneficial, meaningful and worthwhile for your readers or teachers.


It would be great to prepare an outline of what you want to cover in your essay. For instance, you can mention what type of effects of pop culture you are looking to write about and how many words your essay should consist of.

You don’t need to write long essays until or unless your tutor has asked you to do so. That’s because new students might fail in the final exams if they write long essays and compromise on quality. Instead, you should write short yet precise essays and don’t distract your attention from the main topic. An outline will definitely help you in this regard as it is structured information that enables you to craft a quality essay comfortably and quickly.

Writing perfect pop culture essays
Writing perfect pop culture essays: Figuring out your thesis statement.

Thesis statement

No essay is considered complete without a thesis statement, which means you cannot achieve desired results and cannot impress your tutor at any cost. That’s why you should be clear about what you want to cover in the pop culture essay and what should be your thesis statement.

Once the statement has been written, you should support your arguments with examples from the pop industry and don’t forget to write a conclusion at the end of your essay, summing up all important things in a couple of lines. Your thesis statement should consist of two portions. The first part will state the topic clearly and the second part will consist of the entire essays as well as supporting examples along with arguments.

Body and Conclusion

The body of your essay should argue, explain and describe the effects of pop culture in a better way. Make sure every main idea or argument is supported with examples, diagrams or other things that could engage your readers or teacher. It is good to divide the body of your essay into three paragraphs, each containing a couple of lines, examples and clear citations.

Similarly, the conclusion section is another important part of your essay because this is where the entire essay is summarized in just a few lines. So, you should write this section carefully and precisely while ensuring that no important point gets missed.

Writing perfect pop culture essays
Writing perfect pop culture essays also requires thorough proofreading.


Prior to its submission to the teacher, you should edit and proofread every line of your essay to ensure that you have not missed an important point. It will also help you improve your grammar and get rid of spelling errors to an extent.

Students and writers often use grammar and spelling checkers, which are mostly good for nothing. They cannot ensure quality or promise that your essay reads flawlessly. That’s why you should always edit and proofread it manually so that you can be ensured of its quality and reliability.


Obviously, your tutor would tell you how to format your essay and how to insert references and in-text citations. If he hasn’t clarified these things, you don’t need to worry as there are loads of tutorials and sites on the internet to have an idea of the APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and other formats. Once you have learned all of those formats, you can craft your essay in a way you like the most, or as per the instructions of your tutor.

Finally, review your essay and reread every line properly. It will help you edit minor or major mistakes and allow you to keep the flow of your essay consistent. All these points cannot be remembered at a time, especially if you are a newcomer. But you don’t have to worry; just keep writing and keep improving your essay writing skills.