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Body of black female found at site of Hart family crash: Discrepancies exist

Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash
Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash: Pictured Sarah Margaret Hart and Jennifer Jean Hart and their six children, who are all believed to have died in the Mendocino County cliff crash. Image via social media.
Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash
Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash: Pictured Sarah Margaret Hart and Jennifer Jean Hart and their six children. To date only five of the eight family members were identified as perished in the Mendocino County cliff crash as questions remain. Image via social media.

Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash: discrepancies that don’t add up. The body of a black female is found near the Mendocino County cliff crash, as new questions arise.

13 days following the Mendocino County cliff crash which saw same sex couple Sarah and Jennifer Hart and their brood of six adopted children presumably perish to their death, new findings over the weekend made their way.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reported the body of a ‘black female’ was on Saturday found near the crash site. The discovery follows North California authorities saying at the time of the crash, which has been speculated to have been intentional, only three of the bodies of the couple’s children having been recovered. At the time, both adults and the bodies of three of the six children had been recovered.

Addressing press, Lt. Shannon Barney said the age and identity of the recovered body couldn’t immediately be determined. At the time of the crash, Devonte Hart, 15, Hannah Hart, 16, and Sierra Hart, 12, were reported missing March 26 after the family’s SUV was found.”

With two of the three missing children being girls, authorities said they believe the recovered body most likely being that of one of the two missing girls from the crash.

Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash
Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash

Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash: A deliberate crash- and if so, why?

Authorities have said that data from the vehicle’s software suggested the crash was deliberate.

Investigators believe that Jennifer drove the car off the cliff intentionally as there were no skid marks and evidence shows the speedometer was ‘pinned’ at 90mph.

The finding follows general disconcert as to what preceded leading up to the family car plunging 100 feet below into the ocean. What had happened to the family immediately prior to the tragedy? Had there been witnesses?  Where there suicide note? Did the car topple into the ocean with only three of the six children, and if so, where were the other three children? Had all six children actually come along for the trip? And if so, what could have inspired the children’s mothers to purposefully take the lives of all as so many had by now begun to wonder?

Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash
Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash: a timeline. 
Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash
Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash: at the scene.

Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash: a timeline.

The family appear to have left their home in Woodland, Washington on March 23, after a neighbor called Child Protective Services to report that the couple weren’t feeding the kids.

Two days later, a family cellphone pings in Newport, Oregon, around 8.15am.

CHP believes the family then drove south on Highway 101, and then State Route 1, arriving in the Fort Bragg, California area 12 hours later.

It’s believed that the family stayed the night in the area, since Jennifer was seen checking out of a Fort Bragg grocery store around 8.15am on Sunday, March 25.

Authorities say the family stayed in Fort Bragg until 9pm that evening, at which point it seems they turned around and started traveling north again on State Route 1.

Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash
Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash: Surveillance footage shows Jennifer Hart (right) checking out of a grocery store in Fort Bragg, California just hours before she is believed to have driven off a cliff with her wife and their kids inside.

Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash: Discrepancies.

Yet in all of this by now above known ‘timeline’, there was a major discrepancy. For about 10 days, it had stood as fact that the two parents, Jennifer and Sara Hart were found in the front seat of their destroyed SUV.  It had been reported that they were wearing their seat belts. 

As it now turns out, both adult women were not wearing their seat belts. Repeat, they did not have on their seat belts, when the bodies were initially discovered.  However, it is sustained as reported fact that the two women’s bodies were found inside of the vehicle, while three children’s bodies were found outside of the vehicle.  

Were the SUV windows open, did the doors pop open? How did the bodies become scattered to the point that three are completely missing from the scene. The ocean tides crashing on the rocks, within a few hours or less, managed to carry away three bodies. 

The questions of physically how the event unfolded are not as pressing as why?  How would such a thing transpire?  How could anyone do such a crime, as it is now being called by the Mendocino Sherriff? 

If it is fact that Jennifer Hart was in the driver’s seat, what caused her to stop at the roadside stop, then to accelerate directly off of the cliff to certain death?  Was this premeditated?  What went on in her mind and the mind of her wife and partner, Sara Hart?  What would bring about the double-suicide and murder of all six children? 

What makes these questions more perplexing is that nobody seemed to predict it coming. No one who knew the family would have thought of this. They seemed to be such a happy family, who had everything to live for.  The children were so young and had a life ahead of them, in the progressive values of their adopted parents.

What makes it chilling to understand what happened is the theory that the two adult women were not the sufficient parents of these children. Claims are abounding that they were doing their parenting in questionable ways. There is conclusion that there was child abuse. A string of reported incidents in the past attributed to the Hart mothers, would lead one to that conclusion, especially with hindsight.

This writer is of the mind that the individuals who were responsible for their family, the mothers, Jennifer and Sara, had become overwhelmed by their plans and the reactions of the outside world. They were leading an unconventional lifestyle. The fact that two white mothers were raising a brood of six African American children is controversial in itself.  What were their qualifications? How did the multiple, successive adopting agencies make the decision to approve these particular parents?  What was their inspiration?  

What is known is the family were involved in activist issues. They were used as the poster child for harmony and diversity and peace. Devonte Hart was featured in a viral news sensation before and during the Bernie Sanders campaign. Was it a racist agenda of some sort? Was it something that backfired in the worse possible way?

Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash: A tragedy incorporating politics, racism and child rearing and allegations of child abuse? 

It is simply a tragedy that innocents get caught in the crosshairs of politics.  In some way, this is what has to be investigated.  I’m not saying that they were doing anything wrong in their child-rearing. I don’t think anybody could say this, without the ample evidence.  After all, there is only one conviction for an abusive incident, which occurred in 2011.  There were plenty of subsequent accusations though. These are not substantiated. And that is which opens this to debate.

If they were being hounded and experienced prejudice by outsiders and the system, I am inclined to accept that possibility. Did this exert an influence in their fateful demise?  Did this put undue pressure upon the parents, that they desperately gave up their lives?  Did they feel persecuted?  

Even if they did no abuse, which would make them innocent, what caused the deadly rush off the cliff like lemmings to the slaughter?  What went on their troubled minds?  What could push a family to such devastation?  May they rest in peace. But we as a society need some answers.

Mendocino County cliff crash: Was it murder suicide?

Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash
Sarah and Jennifer Hart family crash: Pictured Sarah Margaret Hart and Jennifer Jean Hart and the ‘Hart tribe’.