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‘My Oscar baby’ Frances McDormand Oscar thief arrested insisting statue belonged to him

Terry Bryan Oscar thief
Pictured Terry Bryant Oscar thief who was arrested after allegedly stealing
Terry Bryan Djmatari Oscar thief
Pictured Terry Bryant Djmatari Oscar thief who was arrested after allegedly stealing Frances McDormand’s Best Actress Oscar

Terry Bryant Djmatari Oscar thief arrested after allegedly stealing Frances McDormand’s Best Actress Oscar and posting video insisting he’d won the award and that it belonged to him.

Terry Bryant Djmatari a 47 year old Beverly Hills, California man has been arrested after allegedly stealing Frances McDormand‘s Best Actress Oscar after attended the Governor’s Ball Sunday night where reveres had come to celebrate post Oscars.

The incident had left the 60 year old actress who won forThree Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ deliriously weeping after the statue suddenly went missing, only to be later found.

At one point, moments prior to his arrest and after social media posts indicated the actresses’s Oscar statue had gone missing, Bryant shot video of himself kissing the statuette. The video, ‘My Oscar Baby,’ was shared on Facebook.

Terry Bryan Oscar thief
Terry Bryan Djmatari Oscar thief, ‘Look what I won tonight!’

Terry Bryan Djmatari Oscar thief, ‘Look what I won tonight!’

According to tmz, the man was heard telling revelers at the ball that the award was his.

‘Look at this baby, we got this tonight!’ Bryant can be heard saying into the cameras while donned in a tuxedo.

‘This is mine. We got it tonight baby’

‘Governors ball baby… Who wants to tell me congratulations?’

Bryant then turns and puckers towards the camera before kissing the statue and triumphantly holding the Oscar. 

Following his arrest circa 11.50pm, Sunday night, Bryant who appears to be a professional party crasher (see Facebook profile photos below) was taken to a Hollywood Police precinct station where he was charged with felony grand larceny.

It is thought Bryant continues to remain in custody pending $20K bail. 

Bryant now facing up to a year in prison, though prosecutors may only end up charging the reveler who had a ticket to the Governor’s Ball with just a misdemeanor.

Deadline reported the LAPD confirming that McDormand’s Oscar statue having been stolen during the Governors Ball afterparty at the Ray Dolby Ballroom, where the actress had believed she put it away for safekeeping.

McDormand had been seen ‘sobbing’ outside the venue after calling it quits following the realization her statue was gone, and a search for the Oscar prize had at the time yielded no results.

He did have a ticket to the event and was a confirmed guest. 

Terry Bryant Djmatari Oscar thief professional party crasher: 

Journalist Cara Buckley had earlier taken to Twitter to share a picture of the man she claims was responsible for ‘running off with’ the gong, although this has not yet been verified.

She wrote: ‘Security at the Governors Ball are looking for this guy, who grabbed Frances McDormand’s Oscar and ran out with it. 

‘Wolfgang Puck’s photographer stopped him, got the Oscar back, and the guy disappeared back into the ball. Apparently Frances has said to let him go. #Oscars.’  

To date it remains unclear how exactly Bryant managed to actually siphon the Oscar statuette.

Following Bryant’s arrest, a rep for the actress said that the statue had been returned, with a rep saying, ‘Fran and Oscar are happily reunited and are enjoying an In-N-Out burger together.’

Of note, a regard of Terry Bryant Djmatari’s personal Facebook page (below) shows the man appearing to be attending a series of high caliber Hollywood events where he is giddily seen posing with illustrious guests, who may or may not know who was standing next to them for photo ops….

According to his social media posts, Bryant says he’s ‘highly favored by God,’ while claiming to be a producer, A-list entertainment journalist, television, film and music producer, TV host and a United Nations ambassador (do you suppose….????).

Welcome to a brave new America obsessed with celebrity and image…. at any cost.

Terry Bryant Djmatari
Pictured, Terry Bryant Djmatari aka Frances McDormand Oscar thief attending other high gloss events.
Terry Bryant Djmatari
Terry Bryant Djmatari professional party crasher.