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Edwin Jackson Colts linebacker killed by illegal Guatemalan immigrant deported twice before

Manuel Orrego-Savala
Pictured, Manuel Orrego-Savala
Manuel Orrego-Savala
Pictured, illegal Guatemalan immigrant, Manuel Orrego-Savala allegedly responsible for killing Colts linebacker, Edwin Jackson and another man.

Manuel Orrego-Savala: Edwin Jackson Colts linebacker killed by illegal Guatemalan immigrant deported twice before. Stemming the tide of illegal immigration.

Authorities have identified 37 year old illegal Guatemalan immigrant, Manuel Orrego-Savala as the individual responsible for killing Indianapolis Colts linebacker, Edwin Jackson after the drunk driver slammed into the footballer and another individual standing next to a vehicle on a shoulder bend along Interstate 70.

The Indy Star reported Orrego-Savala telling police his name was Alex Cabrera Gonsales when he was arrested Sunday morning after allegedly ramming a black Ford F-150 pickup truck onto the emergency shoulder of an Indianapolis highway, killing Jackson, 26 and Jeffrey Monroe, a 54-year-old from Avon.  

The 37-year-old, who was born in Guatemala, was driving without a driver’s license and attempted to flee on foot, according to Marion County Police.

Police said Sunday morning’s accident happening around 4am on Interstate 70, as Jackson and Monroe were standing outside a ride-share car. It is believed that Monroe was a ride-share driver who was assisting Jackson, who had become ill.

Orrego-Savala was documented having a blood-alcohol level of at least .15, which is nearly twice the legal limit, police said. He had previously been deported from the United States on two occasions, in 2007 and again in 2009.

Federal Immigration officials have since placed a hold on him, with the drunk driver currently being held in the Marion County Jail. Of note, at the time of his arrest, Orrego-Savala told police he was a Mexican immigrant. 

Turning Manuel Orrego-Savala into a political decoy over failed US imperialist policies:

Indiana State representative Todd Rokita latched onto the tragedy, turning it into a political mandate when he tweeted Monday, the incident should ‘make all Americans angry.’ 

‘A twice-deported illegal immigrant is suspected of killing 2 Hoosiers, including Colts LB Edwin Jackson,’ he wrote. 

‘We must do more to get these dangerous illegal immigrant criminals off our streets, build a wall & put an end to illegal immigration.’

No word on what policies the US has considered putting into place putting a stem to complicit exploitive actions in foreign states that often leads to an increase in lawlessness and further drives illegal immigration across the borders.

Manuel Orrego-Savala 
Manuel Orrego-Savala victim, Colts linebacker, Edwin Jackson

Colts linebacker, Edwin Jackson becomes a martyr for the establishment: 

News of Jackson’s death led to the Colts releasing a statement Sunday saying that the team is ‘heartbroken’. The statement noted Jackson ‘was loved by all in the Colts organization.’

Told State Police Sargent John Perrine‘One of the people struck was thrown into the center lane of I-70,’

‘Shortly after the crash, and before any 911 calls were received, Trooper Ty Mays was driving through the area and noticed a vehicle in front of him make an evasive maneuver to the left.’

Mays spotted the crash on the right side of the road before activating his emergency lights, Perrine said.   

‘As he slowed to stop for the crash he struck the body of the victim in the center lane,’ Perrine said in a statement. It is not known which victim was struck by Mays.  

Colts owner Jim Irsay responded to the news on Twitter. 

‘Our hearts and prayers are with Edwin Jackson’s family,’ he wrote. ‘Terrific young man, respected and liked by all. Rest In Peace, Edwin.’ 

An inside linebacker, Jackson signed with the Colts in 2015, but didn’t dress for a game until the following season, when he appeared in all 16 games, half of which he started. 

That season Jackson was the team’s third-leading tackler, but he suffered a season-ending injury during the 2017 preseason so he spent the year rehabilitating. 

‘Edwin was an amazing young man that filed our lives with joy and pride,’ his family said in a statement to Indy Star. ‘He was kind, thoughtful, humble, passionate about football and loved his family. We ask that all who were blessed to have crossed his path remember him and his amazing smile.’