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Four Wise Reasons to Drinking Essiac Tea

Drinking Essiac Tea
Drinking Essiac Tea: Health benefits explored.
Drinking Essiac Tea
Drinking Essiac Tea: Health benefits explored.

Drinking Essiac Tea: How a Canadian nurse managed to come up with a tea that wards off against cancer, strengthen one’s immunity and cardiovascular and other benefits. 

Is good health something that you think about often? Are you satisfied that you already have sufficient knowledge about what needs to be in your diet plan to maintain optimal function? Imagine if you were to learn about an incredible addition that can provide vital nourishment as well as boost longevity!

The supplement to which we are referring is Essiac tea, and the potential benefits are numerous. If you are intrigued and want to gain additional knowledge, read on!

The Basics Of Essiac Tea:

Dating back to 1992, Essiac tea is the brainchild of Rene Caisse, a nurse from Canada. The tea itself is comprised of four distinct herbs, namely sheep sorrel, Indian rhubarb, burdock root and slippery elm bark. This unique combination is ideal for addressing serious health concerns including cancer. A 2007 research study indicated that Essiac tea also yields antioxidant benefits that reduce the risk of ailments affecting the eyes and also facilitates effective cardiovascular and brain functions.

Essiac Teas Renowned Benefits:

1. Weapon In The Fight Against Cancer

Not just a unique herbal tonic, Essiac tea is far more complex in the way it works. Multiple cancer sufferers have reported it’s tremendously beneficial effects. Patients who did not see results with traditional therapy and treatment have experienced incredible results just by using Essiac tea each day. It is thought that the teas ability to bolster the immune system and to prevent cancer from taking root within the body may be responsible for such outcomes.

2. Immune Health

Essiac tea benefits have been shown to strengthen the body’s immune responses, helping guard against illness in those who use it. It can also ameliorate pain and discomfort and even bring back appetites that have diminished for various reasons.

3. Cardiovascular Benefits

Those concerned about their heart function and that of those they love should consider drinking Essiac tea several times weekly. Cardiovascular difficulties are likely to abate in marked fashion. Further, elevated cholesterol levels can be helped by the teas ability to convert fats and sugars to energy more effectively. Arterial blockages have also been halted in those who drink this preparation.

4. Throat Soother

Essiac tea has impressive powers when it comes to soothing sore throats as well. This is due to the slippery elm bark reputed to aid in this type of discomfort. Essiac can also prove useful in formulating cough and throat lozenges.

Drinking Essiac Tea
Drinking Essiac Tea: A range of products considered

Added Positives:

Aside from all of the benefits outlined above, Essiac tea incorporates critical vitamins C, E and A, not to mention selenium and beta-carotene, all of which are great for muscle function and cell regeneration.

Using Essiac Effectively:

Many authorities on the subject believe that Essiac is best used in tea form. Those with cancer and those with throat afflictions should ingest three servings of the tea early in the day. It should also be noted that Essiac capsules are also available if drinking the tea is inconvenient or impossible at certain times.

Will Side Effects Prove Difficult?

Few, if any Essiac side effects have been widely reported. While some users have suggested that diarrhea has occurred after drinking it, this is not a typical experience. Broadly speaking, Essiac is regarded as extremely safe, not to mention beneficial. It is available in multiple forms and at a range of affordable price points. The key is to do some research to learn what will best suit your particular needs. In the end, this will lead to the desired result.

Drinking Essiac Tea
Drinking Essiac Tea: about and derivatives.