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Louisiana vet shoots neighbor’s dog in the head (cause he was barking too loud).

Kelly Folse
Pictured, Louisiana vet, Dr Kelly Folse and the dog she allegedly shot dead, Bruizer.
Kelly Folse
Pictured, Louisiana vet, Dr Kelly Folse and the dog she allegedly shot dead, Bruizer.

Dr Kelly Folse a Louisiana veterinarian is arrested after allegedly shooting her neighbor’s dog after barking too much. Social media responds.

Dr Kelly Folse a Louisiana veterinarian had been arrested after allegedly shooting her River Ridge, neighbor’s dog in the back of the head.

News Channel 10 reported the vet who worked at the Abadie Veterinary Hospital arrested on Tuesday in connection to the death of her next door neighbor’s 15 month bulldog, Bruizer.

The woman was booked on charges of aggravated cruelty to animals,  illegal discharge of a weapon near a school and unrelated drug charges.

Folse lived next door to the dog’s owner, Stacey Fitzner, and had previously complained through heated text messages about the bulldog, and his ‘constant, loud’, barking. 

Folse complained about the bulldog being too aggressive, despite neighbors discredited that claim, WDSU reported.

According to Fitzner, she left Bruizer outside in the yard while she went to work, on Dec. 13. Later in the day, her mother reportedly was picking up her niece and nephew from a neighboring school when she saw the dog in the yard, not moving.

Told Fitzner,Her and my nephew found the dog with blood surrounding him,’

Adding, ‘Someone had to come up behind him and put the gun to him and shoot him.’

Stacey Fitzner
Pictured, Kelly Folse’s next door neighbor, Stacey Fitzner, whose dog, Bruizer was allegedly shot dead at the hands of the vet.

Police investigations reveal Bruizer hadn’t been been hostile or aggressive to other neighbors.

After realizing he’d been shot in the head, Fitzner and her brother rushed the dog to the vet, which happened to be the one where her neighbor, who was off that day, worked.

While they reportedly thought Bruizer had a fighting chance, vets ultimately were forced to put the young dog down the next day due to his injuries.

‘We got him right after my son was born. He was such a loving dog,’ Fitzner told Fox8. ‘He was always in the bed with us. He was always licking us. My son would ride him. He was a great, wonderful American bulldog.’

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office was notified of the incident and considered Folse a suspect because of the text messages. Upon investigating her home, authorities reportedly found two different types of drugs that she allegedly acquired through veterinary prescriptions.

Detectives said investigations revealed Bruizer hadn’t been appeared to be hostile or aggressive to other neighbors.

Folse’s employer confirmed that she was fired as a result of the incident.

‘We’re shocked and disgusted of the actions of her,’ Dr. Scott Abadie said. ‘It’s just not something you expect of anybody, especially a vet.’

In the aftermath of the veterinarian’s arrest, Folse’s Facebook page became barraged with commentators disparaging the arrested woman.

Wrote Teri Moret-Evans, ‘My daughter wants to be a vet…that’s all she talks about. She would be crushed to hear that someone who is suppose to care for and be an advocate for animals is KILLING them. Shameful!’ While, Jennifer Lynn DeLuca, wrote, ‘How dare you,,,,,that baby did nothing to you ya crazy b****!’

While another commentator, Connie Pack wrote, ‘Boycott her anywhere and everywhere she tries to work.’

Kelly Folse
Pictured, Louisiana vet, Dr Kelly Folse. Image via Facebook.
Kelly Folse
Pictured, Dr Kelly Folse
Kelly Folse
Kelly Folse’s alleged victim, Bruizer.
Kelly Folse
Pictured, family dog, Bruizer.
Stacey Fitzner
Pictured, Stacey Fitzner’s dog, Bruizer.
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    That c**t should be hung by her neck until it snaps.

  • BoldChapeau

    So this coward tried to justify the unjustifiable by claiming Bruizer was aggressive. How pathetic! It’s not enough she killed this innocent young dog, she also manufactured a lie about him. She belongs in prison and should lose her license.