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Why? Roxy Brook Pridgen poisons daughter’s drink

Roxy Brook Pridgen
Pictured, Oregon mother, Roxy Brook Pridgen.

What led to Roxy Brook Pridgen an Oregon mother poisoning her juvenile daughter’s drink? Spiked beverage with pharmaceuticals she’d been taking for mental illness. 

Roxy Brook Pridgen a 36 year old Athena, Oregon woman has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly poisoning her daughter’s drink following an argument.

The East Oregonian reported Pridgen being initially arrested by Oregon State Police on Sunday for driving under the influence of intoxicants. The woman was released into the custody of the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office, who arrested the mother for attempted murder.

Authorities said the alleged poisoning occurred after an argument between Pridgen and her underage daughter, Fox 12 reported. The woman reportedly put some of her own prescription drugs, which she takes for mental illness, into her daughter’s drink, making the girl sick on Oct. 29. 

The age of the girl was not released.

In a statement from the sheriff’s office, authorities said Pridgen admitted to poisoning her daughter in an attempt to, ‘kill her’.

‘Pridgen admittedly placed a quantity of a prescribed drug into a beverage and gave it to her juvenile daughter, intending to cause her death because they were arguing and fighting,’ the statement said. ‘The juvenile became ill after consuming the beverage.’

Pridgen was charged with both attempted murder and assault, according to the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office online records. She remains in jail on a $250,000 bond, after bail had originally been set at $500K. 

It wasn’t immediately clear if there had been prior incidents between the mother and daughter and what ongoing remedy had been offered to the mother….

The case remains under investigation, with the mother remanded to once again appear in court next Monday.