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Why? Kierra Johnson strangled Philadelphia art student death a mystery

Kierra Johnson
Pictured, Philadelphia art student, Kierra Johnson. Image via social media.

Who strangled Kierra Johnson Philadelphia art student and why? Police have yet to unearth a motive in the strangulation of an honors and deans list art student. 

Police have yet to unearth clues as to who may have strangled 21 year old honors and deans list Philadelphia art student, Kierra Johnson.

Notice of the woman’s death came after a jogger found Johnson’s body in Cobbs Creek.

Fox29 reports police have yet to understand who may have strangled the much loved woman and why?

Kierra was described amongst those who knew her as a ‘high achieving, talented artist,’ hailing from Southwest Philadelphia.

Cops say they heard from Johnson’s mother Thursday afternoon after her daughter failed to return home.

Come Friday morning, a jogger alerted police to a body, face down, in the water at Cobbs Creek. An autopsy determined the body to be that of missing woman, Kierra Johnson.

The woman, known as ‘Ki’ had been determined to have been strangled to death.

‘Right now we’re working on tracking down her movements and isolating who she was last with, and that’s still very much in progress at this point,’ said Captain John Ryan of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Homicide Unit.

Authorities had yet to determine if Kierra was killed in the creek or somewhere else and put there reported philly.com.

Kierra Johnson murder? Random attack or at the hands of someone she knew?

A post on Facebook, mentioned Johnson had been on her way to South Street to meet a friend but never made it.

WPVI-TV reports Kierra having been an honor and dean’s list student at the Hussian School of Art on Spring Garden Street in the city.

Following the discovery of Kierra’s body, the school released a statement describing her as ‘talented, gentle, kind and always smiling. Ki was not only a visual artist, but a performance artist as well.’

To date, police say they have no suspects, while declining to offer say much else.

‘We don’t know what happened here, so it’s not a situation where she did something that led to this or put herself in jeopardy. We don’t know,’ Ryan said.

Police said they didn’t want to say about what they know about their investigation so far, adding that soon they’ll be talking to people, and they don’t want them to know what investigators do.

Kierra Johnson
Pictured, Philadelphia, Hussian School of Art student, Kierra Johnson. Image via social media.
Kierra Johnson
Philadelphia investigators assemble at Cobbs Creek where Kierra Johnson’s body was found.
Kierra Johnson
Pictured, Cobbs Creek where Kierra Johnson was found. Screen shot.
Kierra Johnson
Pictured honors and deans Philadelphia arts student, Kierra Johnson. Image via social media.