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Ivana Clifford: Why I cooked my roommate’s ferret in the oven

Ivana Clifford
Pictured, Manchester, New Hampshire woman, Ivana Clifford. Image via social media.

What led to Ivana Clifford a Manchester, New Hampshire woman cooking her roommate’s pet ferret? 

Ivana Clifford a 26 year old Manchester, New Hampshire woman has been arrested after allegedly cooking her roommate’s ferret in the oven.

WHDH reported police being called to the roommates’ Manchester apartment circa 3am, Wednesday morning after receiving reports of smoke in the building.

Responding authorities determined the source coming from the apartment’s stove where  they came across the dead pet which Clifford had attempted to cook.

The dead ferret was observed to have burn marks.

Clifford’s roommate, Cara Murray, claimed that Clifford put the ferret, Angel, in the oven and turned on the heat.

Told the roommate, How can someone be so cruel to [put] an animal in your oven and cooking it alive.’

She said the loss of her 2-year-old ferret has been ‘devastating.’

‘To lose a ferret is like losing a kid,’ Murray said. ‘I just can’t believe she did that.’

Ivana Clifford observed fleeing the apartment when police arrived. 

Responding to the ‘incident’ of animal abuse, Lt Brian O’Keefe of the Manchester, New Hampshire Police said, ‘In twenty two years I have never heard of an animal placed and killed inside an oven.’

Adding, ‘It’s certainly unique. It’s disturbing.’

Clifford who is going on eight months pregnant told police that she cooked the pet as revenge for her roommate stealing clothes, adding that she didn’t think Murray should have the animal on account of her pregnancy. 

Speaking to WMUR, Clifford’s husband, James Clifford, said he ‘hadn’t heard the full story, but doesn’t think she’s violent.’ James Clifford added, ‘All my friends have cats and dogs. She’s never hurt an animal in her life, and I don’t think she would do it.’

Murray told cops that Clifford and her husband were homeless and had been staying with her and another female roommate temporarily. Murray added Clifford fleeing the building and the area after the smoke alarm going off.

Upon her arrest, Clifford was booked on animal cruelty charges.

Ivana Clifford actions display profound sense of sadism says judge:

During court appearance, Judge Gillian Abramson told Clifford, ‘These allegations display a profound sense of sadism. That is of deep concern to this court. And for that reason, I am setting bail in the amount of $10,000 cash only. I will not release her to the Elliot or Catholic Medical Center.’

Clifford’s lawyer, Callan Maynard, reported CBS Boston, said, Clifford’s husband was ‘very concerned for her health and her welfare, and being incarcerated because she is 32 weeks pregnant, your honor.’

Clifford currently remains held in custody on $10,000 bail. If the woman posts bail she is not allowed to return to Murray’s apartment. 

Cara Murray
Pictured Ivana Clifford’s roommate, Cara Murray.