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Why? Yung Mazi Atlanta rapper shot dead.

Yung Mazi
Yung Mazi dead. Pictured the Atlanta rapper.
Yung Mazi
Pictured, Atlanta rapper, Yung Mazi real name Jabril Abdur-Rahman who was shot dead Sunday night.

Yung Mazi Atlanta rapper shot dead: What led to another hip hop artist being shot as shootings in the subculture glorifying thug life and wealth continues. 

Yung Mazi an Atlanta rapper has died after being shot dead multiple times across the road from a local police precinct.

The shooting happened shortly before 9:30 p.m. Sunday on Hosea L. Williams Drive, outside the Urban Pie pizza restaurant. 

Atlanta police said they found the deceased man, after responded to a report of 10 to 25 gunshots.

Police believe the victim was coming out of a pizza restaurant in the area and may have been targeted.

A medical examiner determined the rapper, real name, Jabril Abdur-Rahman, 31, dying of gunshot wounds reported fox5atlanta.com.

Mazi’s death ironically comes after having survived no less than ten previous attempts on his life.

Known for collaborations with Atlanta rappers Rich Homie Quan and Yung Thug, Mazi famously tweeted that ‘God made me bulletproof’ hours after he was shot in December at a Buckhead Waffle House.

Shortly after that attempt on his life, the Atlanta rapper tweeted, ‘God made me bulletproof.’

Reflected hotnewhiphop, ‘Mazi was a promising artist who brought real street narratives into the studio.’

Police released a description of the shooter who ran from the scene.

‘We do have a black male,’ Atlanta police issued in a follow up statement. ‘He was wearing a white tee shirt with dark jeans with dreads pulled back and possibly up in a bun.’

In a previous youtube post, Yung Mazi discussed why ‘he kept getting shot at.’

Told the Atlanta rapper, ‘I’m a rare dude’ and that ‘people always don’t like ‘rare dudes’. The rapper went on to divulge having ‘permanent platinum teeth,’ and people lamenting that they weren’t him.

A regard of the rapper’s social media profiles showed him soaking up the trappings of fame and wealth, leading some to wonder if such ostentatious display of wealth may have alienated members of the community?

Yung Mazi
Yung Mazi dead. Pictured the Atlanta rapper.
Yung Mazi
Yung Mazi dead. Pictured the Atlanta rapper.

The Atlanta rapper’s death comes off a series of shooting deaths of rappers, including the July shooting death of Chicago rapper, ShootaShellz. It isn’t necessarily understood what has led to the extending violent deaths of rappers by gunfire.

Many often sung themes within rap include, the glorification of ostentatious wealth, thug life, gun violence, competition between one rap group with another, drugs, and the difficulty of leaving the streets despite the rise in fame of rappers upon their success.