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Jose Duran video: Nailed to a tree after a real estate deal gone wrong

Jose Duran
Jose Duran
Jose Duran
Pictured, Albuquerque, New Mexico man, Jose Duran who was nailed to a tree in the Bosque area under ‘mysterious’ circumstances.

Jose Duran video: A New Mexico man is nailed to a tree after an alleged real estate deal going very wrong. Police yet to make any arrests. 

Jose Duran an Albuquerque, New Mexico man has told of the moment how he came to be nailed to a tree, crucifix style after what he claims, a ‘real estate deal’ went wrong.

The claim comes with police releasing video of Duran’s May ordeal, as they have yet to have find the alleged suspects, purported members of a Ku Klux Klan.

According to cops, the victim insisted it hadn’t been the first time he’d been attacked.

Video as first released by KRQE tells of the moment a call came in from a city employee who’d been picking up trash in the Bosque area. In the background an Albuquerque city truck parked is seen parked nearby. Further down, there’s the man nailed to the tree, writhing in pain.

Video shows an officer repeatedly asking for the man’s name, with the ‘victim’ declining to answer. Doran’s hands can be seen above his head, in what appears to be the man’s nailed to the tree. As paramedics arrive, Doran mumbles something about papers.

Responding officers told that they didn’t see any immediate danger in the area.

After a few agonizing hours, police finally manage to get the ‘victim’ off the tree, as Doran manages to walk to a waiting ambulance.

But it gets stranger.

Upon being taken to hospital, police quiz Doran, with the ‘victim’ declining to answer before eventually responding in Spanish, Two people grabbed me and they pulled me to the trees,’

Adding, ‘They said they were going to kill me.’

Reiterated the victim,They took away a lot of papers. All the papers from the court they took, They had guns. One said to the other “kill him already” and the other said ‘No. We’ve got to do it away from here.”

Doran told police it had been the third time been attacked. This despite no prior attacks having been reported. 

‘They identified themselves as KKK,’ continued Doran in Spanish before breaking off in English, ‘Jesus gave me another chance to live.’

It wasn’t immediately clear how long the ‘victim’ had been nailed on the tree prior to his discovery.

Police say Jose Doran’s ordeal remains an active and open investigation. They just re-interviewed the victim and continue to work on this case. So far, no one has been charged. Can you guess why…?

Jose Duran
The area where Albuquerque, New Mexico man, Jose Duran was nailed to a tree crucifix style
Jose Duran
Pictured Albuquerque, New Mexico man, Jose Duran as he is being led away after being ‘rescued’.
Jose Duran
Pictured Albuquerque, New Mexico man, Jose Duran, a victim of a ‘bad real estate’ deal gone wrong?