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Rudy Kendall brings Ryanair Brussels desk agent to tears: Is it because I am black?

Rudy Kendall
Rudy Kendall
Rudy Kendall
The moment, passenger, Rudy Kendall an airline passenger makes a Ryanair Brussels Airport desk agent cry.

Rudy Kendall an airline passenger brings Ryanair Brussels Airport desk agent to tears after been denied passage, accusing her of racism.

Rudy Kendall has been identified as the individual who tormented a Brussels Ryanair desk agent, leading to the woman having an emotional breakdown after accusing her of barring him from a flight because he was ‘black’.

During a long winded diatribe which sees Kendall, a German resident hailing from Brooklyn, NY man, taking personal umbrage with a Ryanair boarding agent after stopping him from boarding a flight.

From what can be discerned, the attendant, referred to as Sabrina in the clip, (se below) stopped Kendall from boarding his flight after failing to render a pre-printed pass. After told he now has to pay a €50 charge or forfeit his flight, it is then that Kendall becomes confrontational. Kendall knows he is right (at least he thinks so, and he is the customer as he reminds all within earshot) and thus refuses to pay the surcharge.

For whatever reasons that the man wasn’t allowed to board, and why in fact Ryanair didn’t offer a facility for him to electronically print a new boarding pass, forcing passengers to pay a surcharge, Kendall’s personal incredulity (yes we have all been left open mouthed at some point when it comes time to flying) took on a particular mean spirited mendacity.

Having endured Kendall’s goaded reproach, and sense of entitlement (welcome to Americans, world…), the agent warns Rudy that security has been called while  continuing to ignore Kendall who continues to taunt her, only to now turn and smile at the man, setting him off more.

Retaliates a wounded Kendall who obviously believes in the adage, the customer is always right, even if they are crude and vulgar: ‘Is there something funny here? What’s the joke? Is it your attitude? That’s the only thing that’s funny here, and it stinks.’

Adding, ‘You have a bad attitude. You have no business working here and dealing with customers.’

The ordeal reached breaking point when Sabrina breaks down in tears, with other passengers now jumping to her defense.

‘You’re disturbing everybody,’ one onlooker tells the man.

That in turn sets Rudy off with a new barrage of insults, calling the man a ‘fatso’, and telling him to get on a treadmill.’

‘You need a break, you donut eating bald piece of crap,’ he added.

A sales manager on the scene named Philipp tried to deescalate the situation but after a few moments of calm conversation an agitated Rudy raised his voice again.

Responding to the accusations of racism Rudy made, Phlipp told the dailymail that the claims were false.

He said: ‘Any no time there was a smell of racism against him. After I told him that I am an former cop he calmed down.’ 

But that of course wont stop some minorities or perceived victims who are more than eager to exploit their communities struggle for their own personal vantage, even if one calls them on such manufactured ‘convenient’ hysteria.

With the video since going viral and leading to an avalanche of commentators criticizing Kendall for his over the top avarice, under the guise of being a customer, Rudy couldn’t help but defend himself.

Responds Rudy: ‘All of troll comments are a perfect example of the Point this Video proves.’

Which if this author is to respond, ‘No Rudy, it’s not because you’re black, it’s because your willing to misappropriate your blackness for personal slight and calculated effect to curry advantage. That plus you’re probably a general all round insensitive individual who refuses to get along with people upon feeling threatened.’

In a video uploaded on to the YouTube channel in September 2016, Rudy accused German police of racism after they tried to remove him from busking on the street. Do you suppose…?

Rudy Kendall
Pictured, Rudy Kendall aka busker.
Rudy Kendall
When Rudy Kendall isn’t harassing Ryanair Brussels Airport desk agents he ‘works’ as a busker.