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Women’s March against Donald Trump a big fat failure

Women’s March against Donald Trump
Women’s March against Donald Trump. Pictured, Madonna addressing gathered protesters.
Women’s March against Donald Trump
Women’s March against Donald Trump. Pictured, Madonna addressing gathered protesters.

Women’s March against Donald Trump misses the mark. How a protest that could have been came to exclude many, be hypocritical and miss the real crises in America: class.

While one ought to be thankful that Americans have recalled their right to protest, one has to also wonder what it is exactly that they are protesting about and whether in fact the Women’s March at Washington DC aimed at Donald Trump is a big fat failure?

How do you wonder that this author came to this view?

Before we get to the bigger point I am trying to raise, let’s back up and take a screen shot of what led us to this divisive point.

Leading up to the 45th Presidential elections, America became repulsed and inured by the sight of Republican contender and eventual winner, Donald Trump shown to be predatory in his regard towards women.

It spelt doom, and much of the mainstream media did cartwheels chasing the phantom story, that here was a man unworthy of high office because of predatory remarks, compromised suggestive behavior along with accusations of sexual assault.

All which may have been true.

But there is a caveat in all of this.

It all happened way before Trump ever arrived on the political landscape, by a good 12-15 years to say the least.

But this was the best the liberal elite media could do in bringing a political foe to size.

Yes, it’s obvious, no one wants to normalize misogyny. No one in high office should be able to abuse their authority or position of power for sexual gratification and god help any politician who goes out of their way to curtail the rights of any woman, black person, minority, lgbt identity person and etc etc.

Which raises the awkward question, what the hell were a quarter of a million people doing on a Saturday descending on Washington screaming obscenities (that means you Madonna) and promoting violence (that means you Madonna) – when the real issue isn’t identity, but class divide. Or better still arrive at the notion that their femininity defined political stakes? 

Class economics is the real divider in America.

At the end of the day, all the high worth celebrities (America Ferrera, Scarlett Johnasson, Ashley Judd, Madonna, Cher etc etc) endorsing women’s rights will remain rich and privileged and for the most part able to behave at will, and not fret if you and I are denied affordable health care, not fret if they are approached by a police office in the middle of the night, wont fret if they seek to abort (money knows how to skip ropes) and not for an iota be inconvenienced if the extreme inequity that marks America continues to persist.

They will continue being rich and privileged and you and I of course will continue to like them and savor their existences on the glossy pages. Like we always have.

Women’s March against Donald Trump
Women’s March against Donald Trump: Pictured actress, Scarlet Johansson

But lets’ get to the nuts and bolts of it all.

Because frankly money and privilege is the real divider. Something that the mainstream corporate media avoid at all costs discussing here in America.

It remains to be seen whether Donald Trump will seek to curtail women’s rights simply because he has a history or a capacity in his personal life to be a sleaze. Bill Clinton anyone?

Agreed we should all remain vigilant and wary of any incoming presidency that has hinted at negating the rights of women, but also blacks, hispanics, individuals of Islamic faith, gays, transgender and the marginalized.

But then again, where the heck was Madonna and Ashley and Scarlett when as one commentator on the web noted, when ‘Yazidis were made into sex slaves, Christians were slaughtered for being Christians, there was a genocide in Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia torture their people on a daily basis–all under Obama’s watch.’

And why is that feminism only means adopting what is assumed to be progressive or liberal attitudes?

You can be a feminist and vote Republican, stay home with your kids, and feel your day is made if your husband likes your cooking. You can even be a feminist and–say it ain’t so–be against abortion.

But here’s what you can’t do: tell other women what to think and who to vote for. 

Women’s March against Donald Trump
Women’s March against Donald Trump: alleged sexual assault victims of the new president.

But let’s try to remember why Donald Trump made it to office and not Hillary Clinton had a lot to do with the Democratic contender trying to make the presidential race about identity crises and identity marginalization. 

Notions that failed to take stock of real life concerns men and women alike shared and their increasing unease that a lauded privileged group continue defining the cultural terrain, while the rest were thrown away into the ‘deplorable’ dust bin.

The truth is the disenchanted man who has become the ever more pervasive and representative of American dialectics wanted to know who would legitimately address their bread and butter concerns- their ability to live the American dream, attain/retain economic and social mobility and afford them the ability to exist the middle class existence that they once were able to do with an honest day’s work. How about that for equality.

Yes we can all go out protesting with rich celebrities and demand that Donald Trump behave himself and think twice about abusing women, sexualizing them or using his office to degrade or limit their rights along with those of other groups, which of course he hasn’t. Even if some pretend it’s his mission.

But you can pretty much bet most of the country doesn’t really care what Madonna and her rich celebrity pals think along with their so called progressive feminist hand wringers cause they’re too busy worrying about getting the affordable healthcare, housing, education, job and economic stability which is foremost on their minds and furthest from the minds of most news editors at CNN and ABC and all the other lackeys of identity conundrums.