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Paolo Pietropaolo Italian jilted boyfriend sets pregnant girlfriend, Carla Caiazzo on fire

Polo Pietropaolo
Pictured Polo Pietropaolo to the left and the ex girlfriend he set on fire whilst she was heavily pregnant.
Paolo Pietropaolo
Pictured Paolo Pietropaolo to the left and Carla Caiazzo, the ex girlfriend he set on fire whilst she was heavily pregnant.

What led to Italian man, Paolo Pietropaolo setting his then heavily pregnant girlfriend, Carla Caiazzo on fire? Sentenced to 18 years jail.

Italian man, Paolo Pietropaolo has been sentenced to 18 years jail after having set his then heavily pregnant girlfriend on fire after she announced she was leaving him for someone else.

The assault which occurred in February led to Carla Caiazzo, 38, being disfigured. Miraculously the woman who at the time was eight months pregnant was able to survive the attack and give birth to a baby girl, Giulia Pia.

The attack would leave the woman incurring burns to more than 50% of her body along with being in a coma for 20 days.

During trial proceedings the 42 year old ex boyfriend said he never intended to kill Carla but ‘wanted to damage her beautiful face’ so no else would want her.

Local reports tell of the old jilted boyfriend attacking Caiazzo on February 1 in the city of Formia located in the province of Latina on the Mediterranean coast of Lazio in Italy, between Rome and Naples.

Along with being sentenced to 18 years jail, a report via the dailystar told of Paolo Pietropaolo having to pay costs to his victims along with being banned from having any contact with his daughter.

During the trial Caiazzo, 38, relived the attack. She said he assaulted her after hearing she had been invited out on a date: ‘He was strangling me and I was just kept saying “Polo, please, the baby girl, the baby!”‘

She said she lost consciousness while her body was covered in flames.

The woman only survived after a neighbor who had heard the fight rushed her to hospital.

Pietropaolo was accused of stalking, attempted forced abortion and attempted murder.

Yet to be necessarily understood is what motivated the former boyfriend into the belief that he had the right to grossly disfigure his former partner and how the man’s belief system may in some measure reflect attitudes towards women in the community?

 Carla Caiazzo
Pictured, Carla Caiazzo

 Carla Caiazzo

The court heard that he was arrested after he crashed while fleeing near the Garigliano bridge in the city of Formia. 

He was found to be driving under the influence of drugs and confessed to police: ‘I screwed up. She betrayed me.’

Judge Egle Pil ordered Pietropaolo to pay 250,000 Euros ($264772 USD) to Caiazzo and 50,000 Euros ($52, 947 USD) to his daughter on top of the prison sentence. 

Reacting to her former boyfriend’s punishment, Caiazzo Carla responded: ‘The penalty was too light, has killed me leaving me alive.’

To date, Carla has undergone no less than 20 reconstructive surgeries since her attack with doctors also now planning new surgery for the embittered woman.

Paolo Pietropaolo
Pictured, Paolo Pietropaolo.

Paolo Pietropaolo

Polo Pietropaolo
Pictured, Paolo Pietropaolo victim, ex girlfriend,
Carla Caiazzo
Pictured, Carla Caiazzo