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Edwin Daugherty: How I repeatedly stabbed my parents during Thanksgiving dinner

Edwin Daugherty
Pictured, Edwin Daugherty
Edwin Daugherty
Pictured, Florida man, Edwin Daugherty arrested on attempted murder of his parents.

What led to Edwin Daugherty a Florida man repeatedly stabbing his parents during a Thanksgiving Day gathering? Since charged with attempted murder.

Edwin Daughtery has been denied bond after the 24 year old Port Orange, Florida man repeatedly stabbed his parents during a Thanksgiving Day argument that became physical.

Pursuant to his arrest, the son reports News 6 was charged with two counts on attempted murder.

Anyone for another round of delicious turkey? Extra cranberry sauce you said?

Cops said they found Daugherty walking down the street when they responded to a 911 call in Port Orange

It’s unknown what prompted the argument but police deputies said they believe Edwin Daugherty at some point became agitated with his mother, Patsy Daugherty, 72.

It was from there that the son placed his mother in a headlock (naturally).

Two scoops of yam, maybe some mash potato and if you insist another helping of stuffing.

As his 76-year-old father, Thomas Daugherty, tried to intervene, the son placed the elder man in a headlock before pushing him to the ground. 

From there, the son preceded to stab his father multiple times in the chest with a steak knife that had a 4-inch blade as visiting friends and family visiting for the holiday watched on. 

A report via wftv noted mother, Patsy Daugherty also being stabbed after she attempted to help her husband.

Taken to Halifax Health Medical Center, the assailant’s father was listed in serious-to-critical condition, while Patsy Daugherty was listed in serious condition.

Witnesses told the Sheriff’s Office that they saw Edwin Daugherty stab his parents before leaving the home.

Reflected Anne Steele, a neighbor of Daugherty’s parents: ‘Don’t you think holidays sometimes bring out the worst in people and perhaps whatever the argument was, if there was an argument, just got out of hand.’

Deputies told of finding a knife in some bushes about a block from the house.

Edwin Daugherty was arrested and taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail.

On Friday, a judge ruled that he would remain in jail without bail.

‘I guess that will be the last Thanksgiving meal I’ll ever have to endure with the family again…’.

Edwin Daugherty
Edwin Daugherty being led away into custody.
Edwin Daugherty
As authorities try to make sense of what led to one man erupting and seeking to impart violent bodily harm on his parents….