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Noah Witke drunk actor falls to his death: ‘We lost a beautiful man’

Noah Witke
Pictured, Noah Witke. Image via Facebook.
Noah Witke
Pictured, Noah Witke. Image via Facebook.

Noah Witke a beloved Julliard graduate actor dies after falling to his death after trying to scale into his Harlem home after a night of drinking.

Noah Witke a 25 year old NYC based actor has died after falling off the roof of his 5 story Harlem building and plunging to his death over the weekend.

A report via the nydailynews told of the actor having attended revelries on Saturday for the close of the New York Film Festival when he left to go home.

Upon making it home, the Julliard School trained thespian is said to have made his way up to the top of the roof of his five story building on West 134th st near Amsterdam avenue where he ‘accidentally’ fell over the edge circa 5.10am.

According to police the Staples Players alum of 2009 had earlier forgot his keys and bag at Lincoln Center, where he was working for the cinematic celebration, and upon returning home the actor went to the building roof where the he then attempted to scale down the fire escape to gain access.

It’s at that moment, the actor lost his footing while lowering himself down from the fire escape plummeting to his death and dying at the scene.

To date cops have yet to tell whether Wilke was drunk.

Yet to be necessarily understood is if the actor was accompanied by friends at the time and whether they sought to dissuade him from the risky venture?

Welcome Home | A Tuff Gladiator Production from Noah Witke on Vimeo.

Noah Witke
Pictured Noah Witke to the left during a stage performance. Picture via Julliard Edu.

In the interim fellow actors and friends have expressed their condenses to the actor.

Responding to the loss, Staples Players director David Roth said, ‘(Co-director) Kerry Long and I were very close to him. Noah was not only a really good actor — he was also a kind, gentle spirit,’

‘He was so thoughtful of other people. He was a teaching assistant in Theatre I for 2 years, and was so great with one of our special needs kids. He partnered with him in a scene, one-on-one.’

‘Noah would have been a really good acting teacher. We are devastated by his loss.’

Told James Bosley, the artistic director at UP Theater Co. where Witke often performed:

‘Everybody loved him he was really beloved by everyone,’

Adding,‘ We truly lost a beautiful man.’

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  • glennraucher

    5 days now, and still your revolting headline remains. No shame at all…

  • ac109

    This world thrives on the salacious and weird, but this instance is an unmitigated tragedy. The arts and pop culture community has lost one of its own. Please edit the headline to reflect that with something that approximates human respect.

  • glennraucher

    At least 4 hours now, plenty of time for friends and family to see this potentially slanderous headline, AND to edit it so at least to show the tiniest bit of humanity.

    You should be ashamed.

  • Scott Stagg

    Please edit your headline. Stating that he was drunk is contradicted in your post and very insensitive to his family and friends. Please do the right thing. Thank you, Scott Stagg

  • James Bosley

    Please do not state that Noah was drunk. Police have not confirmed any such thing. For the sake of his grieving family, please remove Drunk from your headline. Thank you – James Bosley, UP Theater Company.

  • Mark Nelson

    That headline is disgusting. Hundreds of people are in shock and grief at an unfathomable loss of a beloved friend. You sum him up to the world as “drunk actor,” and then go on to say it’s not even known if he was drunk. Shame on you.

  • Nidjd Nufh

    “fellow actors and friends have expressed their condenses to the actor.”


    The title claims he was drunk then the “author,” if you can call him that, of the article, says police haven’t determined if he was drunk.

    One of the most poorly written article I have ever seen.