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Who’s to blame? Bruno Travalja architect falls 48 floors to his death

Bruno Travalja
Pictured, Bruno Travalja via facebook.
Bruno Travalja
Pictured, Bruno Travalja via facebook.

What led to Bruno Travalja plunging 48 floors to his death from a midtown Manhattan skyscraper? Who bears culpability?

Bruno Travalja a 52 year old RidgewoodNew Jersey architect has been identified as the individual who Thursday afternoon plummeted 48 stories to his death at a Manhattan midtown skyscraper.

The incident comes as the Travalja was tending to operational needs on the 48 floor story condominium, the Flatotel, near West 53rd and Sixth avenue circa 2.15pm when he fell out of the building.

A report via NY1 told of Travalja who owns his own architect firm, Crown Architectural Systems taking measurements on the roof of the residential/work condominium and becoming dizzy after getting up, leading him to falling.

The nydailynews reported Travalja having gone to the roof to conduct a survey. A glass barrier for a rooftop terrace was going to be installed.

According to a city official, Travalja was wearing a safety harness but it was not tied to anything. He walked toward the ledge, which was protected by an 18-inch-high parapet or safety barrier, tending to a measurement before plummeting to his death.

Authorities told of Bruno Travalja being pronounced dead at the scene after landing between two adjacent buildings below. The official address of the skyscraper was given as 135 West 52nd st.

Bruno Travalja
135 west 52nd st. The Flatotel.

The architect’s death has since led to commentators wondering if safety protocols were violated and why for that matter the architect was allowed to commandeer the area without his safety harness not being tied to a barrier?

While others wondered what safeguards employees/contractors are afforded or obliged to follow and whether Bruno Travalja chose not to follow rules?

Reiterated the city official, ‘It’s more of an unfortunate tragic accident.’

Bruno Travalja
Bruno Travalja

Others have also wondered if Bruno Travalja may have also sought to end his own life and commit suicide?

A report via the realdeal told of building owners, The Chetrit Group and Clipper Equity in the midst of converting the Flatotel, into residential condominium and office space. Travalja’s role in the project was not immediately clear.

A representative for Cetra/Ruddy, the architect of record on the project, did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

The incident comes as the owners experienced a number of issues with the conversion last year.

In October, Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, and BTA, one of the country’s largest banks, filed a lawsuit alleging that Chetrit had accepted a $40 million investment in stolen money. The suit was settled in November.

The Department Of Buildings and the NYPD continue investigating Bruno Travalja’s death. 

Bruno Travalja
Bruno Travalja pictured with what appears to be his wife and their children. Image via facebook.
Bruno Travalja
Pictured, the Flatotel.
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  • Robin

    I completely agree. Bruno was an amazingly talented, brilliant man who was an expert in his field. This is a devastatingly tragic accident. He was doing what he loved, but he loved his family beyond description and will be missed endlessly by many. I feel so blessed that he touched my life at all, goodbye my friend.

  • Rob L

    I’m sure you are a nice guy, but please don’t turn this into tabloid smut. Having worked with Bruno in the exact spot from where he fell and talking to witnesses, Bruno world be devastated to learn that anyone else was being turned into a scapegoat. He would accept full blame. The suicide rhetoric is heartbreaking as well. He loved life, his job and his family. He wasn’t suicidal. Lastly, the building owners’ troubles were short lived and have nothing to do with this incident.

  • chablinos

    This reporting sucks. Crowne Architectural is a glass and metals contractor. They fabricate and install facades, railings and ornamental metals. Bruno was a very skilled and experienced contractor (who also happened to be trained as an architect.) This is simply a tragic accident. He probably had been tied off previously and went back briefly to the parapet after for something he forgot. Many people would’ve done the same. Condolences to his family, and many friends, coworkers and employees. Bruno was a well-known guy in NYC construction.