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Video: NYPD cop shoots Yvonne Rosado Bronx family dog dead


Yvonne Rosado

Yvonne Rosado Bronx family dog shot dead: Did the NYPD use excessive and unwarranted force when one cop shot dead a family dog? Family launch lawsuit.

Bronx woman Yvonne Rosado has launched a lawsuit against the NYPD after a police officer shot dead the family dog dead with a single gunshot to the head for doing nothing more than wagging its tail after the family front door was opened.

Video in the vestibule caught the incident in which two police officers respond to a call at a neighboring apartment in the Bronx when Yvonne Rosado opened the door to see what the commotion was about.

In the surveillance tape (see below), obtained by the nydailynews, cops are seen knocking on the family door when the family’s four year old pitbull, Spike ,wonders out into the hallway excitedly wagging its tail.

As the excited dog walks into the hallway one of the officers who already has his gun drawn begins to back down the stairwell and without provocation suddenly pops the happy dog in the head.

The cop, who the NYPD has refused to name, is then seen backing away down the stairs as furious relatives and friends of Yvonne Rosado stream out of their apartments.

One woman wearing just her underwear stumbles down the stairs and has to be restrained by more police officers as she tries to slap the cop who opened fire on Spike on February 13.

Told Yvonne Rosado: ‘The officer just reacted badly. I was screaming, “He’s friendly! He’s friendly!” But he still did that to my dog.’

The woman went on to tell that the family dog was a ‘a gentle giant‘ and her ‘big snuffleupagas‘.

Adding: ‘He would wag his tail letting everyone know he was friendly.’

Yvonne Rosado

Neighbor Irma Sue Santiago, 46, said Spike ‘died wagging his tail‘, but was also furious that police opened fire so close to her home.

‘What if he had missed the dog and shot my daughter?’ Ms Santiago said. ‘She’s traumatized by the whole thing.’

The mother added that the person police were searching for when they called round at the apartment building in response to a domestic incident had left some time ago. 

A report via the dailymail tells that he police officer who shot dead the family dog was taken to hospital to be treated for tinnitus, while Ms Santiago’s 16-year-old daughter Serena – who saw the dog dying in a pool of its own blood – has had to undergo psychiatric therapy to help her deal with the harrowing sight.

Responded Police spokesman Lieutenant John Grimpel: ‘The incident is being reviewed by our force investigation division and the findings will be subject to a firearms discharge review board.’ 

According to NYPD policy, cops can shoot at animals ‘only to defend themselves or others from threat of physical injury, or death.‘ They are only allowed to use their weapons ‘as a last resort to stop an animal attack.’

Since Yvonne Rosado’s pitbull came to be shot, the NYPD has declined to explain why her dog was killed nor for that matter issued an apology.

Yvonne Rosado

Yvonne Rosado

Yvonne Rosado

Yvonne Rosado
Pictured Yvonne Rosado and Spike.
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  • Nanette Valencia

    He would have killed the dog regardless of its breed. It happens all the time

  • Nanette Valencia

    Cowardly cop

  • Evans Juice Julce

    You need help.

  • PureGold

    Has anyone considered that she may not have even known those were cops at the door. They usually don’t knock and announce before an answer. They could have been expecting someone else. Have you ever opened your door without looking out? Most of us don’t expect to see cops at our door when we hear a knock. Regardless, don’t blame the owner or the dog. Blame lies directly on the cop for not being able to quickly assess the situation. All that Kevlar and a gun and he “perceived a threat” from a dog wagging it’s tail. Right!

  • bethsbabies .

    Ha, and you’re doing wonders for the reputation of the human race?? NOT!

  • johngray0

    behold the pitt bull lover with her ghetto mouth and mind. Lovely. You are doing wonders for the reputation of the pitt bull community.

  • Sheryle Smith

    I see an irrisponsible pet owner. You wouldn’t let your toddler out into the hall with an armed officer; why would you let your dog out.

  • Ginger

    What’s fake about it? It’s the family dog asshole..

  • Ginger

    Wow NoName, you are a piece of shit coward. I hope someone kills his wife & gets away with it, just because he likes her, doesn’t mean she isn’t going to attack you.

  • Ginger

    I hope someone shoots & kills his wife & gets away with it.

  • bethsbabies .

    You are a blithering IDIOT. Stop generalizing when your comments had absolutely NOTHING to do with this situation. And keep the dogs restrained??? She didn’t “let” him out — he was in her OWN house, moron! He was on HER territory. This psychotic pig of a police officer is the one who needs to be restrained — and I would be the first one to step up to do it! And using your own logic, let’s just say that when “breeds” like him respond the way they do because they’re “ill kept and trained,” and then “puts the blame anywhere else” when he gets nailed on video, well guess what . . . then he shouldn’t be surprised when cowards like him get “blown away”!! Good riddance to a cowardly PIG. What a disgrace!

  • laboop

    How many wagging tail dogs have killed a policeman!?

  • Allison Moss-Fritch

    In the last 30 years we’ve carefully turned our “peace officers” into violent assholes with guns who have no common sense and believe that the magic words, “i fear for my life” cover shooting children, dogs, cats, crickets, and other sentient creatures…….this is but one example.

  • maxiemom

    Actually, you’re dead wrong about the ‘good old days’, because cops didn’t look at dogs as an ‘automatic danger’ to be removed as they do now, regardless of how untrue that is most of the time. Their military training tells them to remove dogs RIGHT AWAY, and that’s what they do. They simply don’t care about the right and wrong of it.

    Cops 20 years ago did not act that way, even when executing drug busts.

    You really do need to do your research here.

    It’s also apparent that you don’t understand how pervasive the problem is throughout this entire country.

    Do the research. It isn’t just in large cities with large dogs: do you know what a Jack Russell is, or a Pekingese? Did you miss the part where cops have killed them because they claimed they felt threatened by them? Same thing with the Chihuahuas! Dogs do NOT have to be large for cops to use that excuse.

    It isn’t just the militarization of the police that’s the problem, but an entire mind set and complete disregard for people and their pets. And yes, they even kill cats and kittens for equally ridiculous reasons, only the cat killings tend to not make the news very often. Do the research.

  • NoName

    Plenty of dogs was killed by cops in the good old days thought obviously without the social media rage of today.
    But something is indeed different and worse. There is no static of canine killing by police, but it would be interesting to see the partitions of breed and place of death. I expect the hotspots would be the less nice parts of assorted towns with a large and rising population of power dogs that is potential dangerous coupled with irresponsible owners representing a major percentage. Combine that with an increasingly militarized police force with a training that tends to emphasize the potential danger in any situation and self-protection thereof, particular when operating in a “warzone” and things can only go downhill from there.

  • maxiemom

    It started with ‘the war on drugs’, but really escalated with the so-called ‘Patriot Act’, which gives cops extraordinary powers they never had before. No knock warrants are now SOP. How often do you see them swarm on people just for a traffic incident which would have been one officer only a few years ago? They use an excuse of this silly ‘war on cops’, but really, they’re now trained to take out everyone and everything they perceive as a ‘threat’, which means that the MINUTE they see a dog, even if that dog is in a cage, they kill him or her. They’re given the same training now our military. That’s the real problem.

    And of course, they now have all of those lovely military toys the Pentagon has been nice enough to sell them dirt cheap….

    Another huge problem is that the Supreme Court has granted cops as INDIVIDUALS immunity from liability so they cannot be personally sued. If one of them kills your dog, you can sue the city and now, you can often win, but the individual cops pays NOTHING even though he is the problem. If that cop had to pay out of pocket and had to carry insurance to cover his misdeeds, I guarantee you this craziness would stop.. Cops are not held accountable for anything they do, whether by the law or by the civil courts. It is very rare for a cop to be found guilty even when the evidence against him is overwhelming because juries don’t like to convict cops. People need to wake up and realize that cops aren’t the same people they were 20 even years ago.

  • So how did we end up in a society where the enforcers of the ‘law’ get to sidestep the construct of the law? By design or just a simple accident or the mindset of a dogma hungry aggressive police force….???

  • maxiemom

    Right. And there you show your complete ignorance of the problem with cops and their canine victims.

    Cops kill dogs of EVERY breed, not just pit bulls, and they don’t discriminate between dogs who are running free and dogs who are: chained; leashed; in a crowd of kids; in their OWN YARD; in the next yard; 20 feet away from them; RUNNING AWAY FROM THEM AND SEVERAL FEET AWAY; on porches; in cages; etc.

    They kill, without a second thought, Jack Russells, Pekingese, Chihuahuas, Border Collies, All terriers, OLD, ARTHRITIC DOGS, etc, as ‘threats’ because: “I feared for my safety’; ” “he GROWLED AT ME” (ONLY); “he lunged”, even when videos showed that’s a LIE; ETC.

    People like you, who excuse these killings, need to look and see what’s actually happening out there before you keep giving cops a carte blanche to continue killing people’s dogs with impunity. There are MANY videos of cops killing family pets for no reason and they lie, lie lie about it every single day, and most of the time people lie you swallow it whole. Wake up already.

    A dog’s breed does not make them a killer. The only predetermined killer in that hallway was the one with the gun! As long as people like you keep giving them immunity and allow them to continue acting like judge, jury, and executioner with no accountability, this will continue. It has to stop.

    YOU need to learn the difference between a friendly dog and a friendly dog. There was a time not too long ago when cops knew that and didn’t kill them as a matter of course, when they had RESPECT for people and their pets. That time is past, and it shows when they take actions like this. It’s an outrage, and would be an outrage if you had one ounce of common sense or humanity.

    Obviously, you don’t.

  • NoName

    A perceived threat is still a threat, context and scene is always of great importance, and law officers are as far as I know not obliged to take chances and risk great bodily harm in order to spare the life of a canine and the feelings of its owner. As far as the friendless and agenda goes none of us can say for sure what it was up to. But being it the cops place I would not trust the owner nor the approaching dog, a wagging tail is not always a good sign.

  • johngray0

    Funny one could guess the breed just by the headline. The “family dog” thing was a nice head fake, though.

  • maxiemom

    Wow! To everyone except the soulless, a friendly dog is STILL a friendly dog no matter what breed he or she is.

    Not hard to see what’s wrong with you or this cop…

  • NoName

    And pit bull owners wonder why these dogs get blown away on regular basis and why they are seen as a clueless and reckless bunch with a strong tendency to put the blame anywhere else when so happens. Its quite simple and common sense. Keep the dogs restrained, under control and out of harms way. Once that happens, the shot first and ask question later thing will stop. Cause and effect.

    Put the blame on the deceased canine where it belong. For obvious reason you don’t let your pit bull out to meet and greet police officers in a confined space. Particularity so if it look like you doing it deliberately. Even more so if you happen to live in a somewhat crime ridden and cop hostile area where the breed have prior been used as a weapon against cops , with a number of the local canines raised for fighting or protection purposes and the rest tend to be somewhat ill kept and trained. No matter of how nice and harmless you think or say your pet is, the officers are unlikely to give it the benefit of doubt if it approaching them and they see it as a threat – and nor should they be expected to.

  • maxiemom

    And they have the nerve to wonder why people hate them. Guess what, guys? It’s because you do things like blow away family pets for no good reason. It sickens me to know that this cop is going to get away with it because you always clear yourselves of wrongdoing, even though he clearly was in the wrong. If I did the same thing, I would be charge with animal cruelty, and rightly so. Cops should not be above the law, but you have chosen to make yourselves immune from the law. It needs to stop. This dog was family to someone, not furniture. Cops need to be held PERSONALLY liable for these mistakes so they can be sued themselves, just as the city can be sued. Once that happens, this kind of behavior will stop.