Home Scandal and Gossip Why did Nausheen Rahman throw her newborn baby into Staten Island trash?

Why did Nausheen Rahman throw her newborn baby into Staten Island trash?

Nausheen Rahman
What could have caused Staten Island mother to want to conceal birth of her newborn?
Nausheen Rahman
What could have caused Staten Island mother to want to conceal birth of her newborn?

Did Nausheen Rahman lie about her newborn baby’s death in order to save face?

Nausheen Rahman a 28 year old Staten Island mother has been charged with murder after allegedly dumping her newborn baby in local trash.

The charges come after the woman was initially charged with concealment of a human corpse before the body of the dead newborn child was found outside her condominium 11.30 am on Saturday.

Charges against the mother were upgraded to second degree murder after a medical examiner determined in an autopsy that Nausheen Rahman’s baby was alive before dumping the child in the trash.

According to a report via NBC 4, the NYPD told of responding to a 911 call on Richmond Hill Rd in the New Springville neighborhood, just a few blocks away from the Staten Island Mall at the Honey Bee Condominium.

Upon arriving, cops found the newborn baby unconscious and unresponsive, pronouncing the child dead at the scene.

On the evening prior to the discovery, Staten Island University Hospital showed Nausheen Rahman arriving Friday night with the woman telling she was bleeding after having given birth.

That said, the hospital had no record of Rahman’s birth, with the mother explaining that the infant was born at home and having disposed of it, after it was born ‘stillborn.’

Nausheen Rahman

After hours of questioning, Rahman said she gave birth but the baby had died while admitting to throwing the child in the trash before going to the hospital.

A report via the  New York Post tells of the mother originally telling hospital officials  that she gave birth five days prior and ‘threw away’ the baby.

Nevertheless Rahman later changed her story, telling she gave birth on Thursday. 

Neighbors said Rahman has lived with her family for several years at the condominium. 

Offered neighbor Mike Stanganelli: ‘I think it’s terrible. And I’m shocked because this is a very good neighborhood. The whole complex is pretty close too, so for this to go unknown, it’s interesting.’

How or why Nausheen Rahman came to throw away the baby is yet to be understood as questions are asked of the child’s father identity and whether Rahman may have sought to conceal birth of the child? And if so, why?

Nausheen Rahman
Nausheen Rahman. Image via facebook.

Nausheen Rahman

Nausheen Rahman

Nausheen Rahman

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  • DirtyDirty

    If you can’t make a difference between culture and religion, then you just confirm your ignorance. What you need to show me is this: anything in the Coran that ask Muslim to kill their babies.
    So to you, all the babies that have ever been killed by a woman in the US are from Muslim women ? Total ignorance.
    Here what you need to do, find the difference between these: Race, Nationality, Religion and culture.
    Why I have never seen someone’s religion mentioned when they commit a crime except for Muslims. If you are Hindu, I feel bad that you fall for that hatred toward a religion, one day it will be your religion that will be attacked, start using your brain and stop be media slave by showing me an article. Read books and think so you can set yourself free. Don’t rely on garbage online news.

  • India Daone
  • medea sux

    Doesn’t anyone wonder if the father of the child was a family member? Or a rapist? Not that what she did was right, but it would add a reason to her crime. I hope they get dna evidence.

  • Karen Klinck

    She is 28; not a minor.

  • Alokananda Bhattacharya Elliot

    I commend your post. It is important to focus on prevention. I’m sick and tired of all these people who are busy making comments about giving this woman a death sentence when they’re not making racist or religiously bigoted comments. Isn’t prevention the way to go? She could have just had her baby secretly in a hospital and then put her for adoption. Plans like you propose would have prevented this fiasco in the first place.

  • Azeem Khan

    India Daone , you piece of shit low life an innocent few days old human being is dead and you are worried about Hinduism and religion.
    I agree with alpesh , they should charge the whole family or who ever was in the house as Accessory to murder , these people who killed an innocent helpless child deserve the gallows.

  • Alpesh Patel

    More to come out from this story. There is no way this women ALONE walked out to throw the Baby into the trash can, She hiding to investigators for something, there should be others who were there at the time of baby was born, most likely her Father who said to media as this is “Minor Case anyway” or her in-laws if she is married and living with husband, This is a crime but done by group, get the whole family under investigation and the truth will come out soon. RIP to Poor Baby GOD.

  • m1234

    you idiot, i don’t think there is any possible words to describe you.
    the baby is dead and all you came up with religion.?
    thats what you learned all your life.?

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  • DirtyDirty

    You are an idiot. simnple as that. Hindu are no better and this has nothing to do with religion. Where did Islam recommend to throw a baby ? ignorant

  • Andre Pablo

    Look at this idiot making shit religious, when people in here in a state of sorrowness of this infant dying he gonna bring religion in it oooo he no Hindu he Muslim. You gotta look atchu self before you point fingers ma dude, stop hating stop spreading hatred. Ain’t no religion bad people like “YOU” make it look bad. Jesus Christ man.

  • John

    so sad, poor baby didn’t deserve to be killed like this. I pray for death sentence for this evil woman. she is not a mother cos she threw away her baby.

  • Robert Maxell

    Muslim or Hindu? Does it matter? Who cares about that? Baby is dead, and other life is ruined.

  • India Daone

    She is muslim. Dont mistake her for being hindu. thanks.