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Why? Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker charged over pro Trump hate graffiti

Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker
Booked, Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker.
Anthony Morales Matthew Kafker
How two Northwestern University students set about defiling a school chaplain Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker since deemed a hate crime.

What led to Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker violently defacing a campus chapel?

Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker two Northwestern University freshmen face charges of vandalism after going to town on a campus chapel.

Along with graphic displays of penises, spray painted slurs, a swastika, the duo topped off their effort with the word ‘Trump.’

Told University Chaplain Tim Stevens via the nydailynews: It’s disturbing to think that someone who’s been in this space would be venting some sort of rage that way.’

‘I feel bad for them that they can’t handle it in a more productive way.’

Since their arrest, Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker have been held on $50 000 bail on charges of criminal damages to property, institutional vandalism and hate crime in a place of worship.

Told Cook County Judge Peggy Chiampas during Saturday’s bond hearing:

These allegations are disgusting to me,’

‘I don’t know if any of you know how lucky you are to be at Northwestern University.’

Anthony Morales Matthew Kafker
Booked, Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker.

At the time of the hearing both students dressed in t-shirts and jeans remained quite with only the sounds of Morales’ mother crying in the background.

According to Assistant Cook County State Attorney Brooke Shupe, both Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker admitted to performing the vandalism via both handwritten and recorded statements to University police.

According to an arrest affidavit, Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker entered the nondenominational Alice Millar Chapel on the school’s Evanston campus around 12:45 a.m. Friday where they blemished one hallway with a slur for African-Americans and a swastika.

In another part of the chapel, the Northwestern college students wrote a slur for homosexuals and spray-painted lines over photos of Muslim students. They drew penises on an organ and over the word “God” in a hallway.

To boot, the pair are alleged to also have written the GOP presidential front-runner’s surname, ‘Trump’ in a stairwell.

Stevens said he discovered the vandalism later that morning and reported it to administration.

A report via the Daily Northwestern quoted University President Morton Schapiro who called the defacing ‘an abhorrent act of vandalism’ in an email to students Friday.

‘This disgusting act of hatred violates the deepest values and core commitments of our University and is an affront to us all,’ he wrote.

Of question is why Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker targeted the chapel, or how they accessed it hours after it closed, with police saying there was ‘no sign of forced entry.’

At present it is believed that neither student had any ties to the chapel, as workers set about wiping away most of the graffiti over the weekend.

  • Was there a ‘media’ that supported Trump?

  • UnoRaza Back Up

    Why would a Jew draw Swastikas? It’s not a hoax, but a racial false flag in the Hegelian dialectic “order from chaos’ spirit.

  • UnoRaza Back Up

    “Hoax”? BS! Racial false flag to continue stirring up the natives. If you research “black mob violence” videos you’ll see what a great job they’re doing. Who controls the media?

  • UnoRaza Back Up

    Jewish ‘communists’ use the Hegelian dialectic; this is a racial ‘false flag’ obviously to continue their game of stirring up the black folks and idiot liberals.

  • listenupbub

    Yes a hoax. A jew and a hispanic are not going to legitimately do this. Neither would any Trump supporter do this and make him look bad. Neither would a Trump supporter deface a beautiful church and draw penises over “god.” But a couple of drunk liberals would certainly screw up a church with some vandalism.

  • listenupbub

    It seems to be coming out that Kafker is a version of the Jewish name Kafka. Obviously Morales is a hispanic name, though this one is a white hispanic.

    This is indeed a framing of Trump supporters.

  • ipso_facto

    At least his name is easy to spell.

  • ipso_facto
  • Edward Warren

    Why would someone commit an obvious hate crime and then add on the name of someone they supported politically, possibly implicating them or their campaign? That makes zero sense, and even less when you consider that these guys are NW students. And why would the Trump campaign deface a college chapel and have their candidate’s name involved?

    It appears that the media has buried this story because these guys are not Trump supporters. If they were Trump supporters this story would rate 24/7 coverage by CNN and the rest for a week at least.

  • QLorraine

    True that he could share his father’s conservative libertarian beliefs or rebel against them. I just did a little google-foo because someone on Buzzfeed wrote a veritable dissertation on them being liberal plants with zero info to back it up. Whatever his beliefs, he’s a messed up individual.

  • tristram

    That’s interesting. But the father’s conservative credentials could work either way. Lots of college kids emulate their fathers, but many strike out against them. I’ll reserve judgment until we get more info.

  • MaxM1908

    So your argument is that even though this kids father is obviously from the right wing, there’s no way his son could be a Trump supporter? I guess just the racist slurs and penis jokes were the only authentic Republican ideology…

  • socialismisevil✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    obviously clinton/sandernistas and they wrote Trump

    try again!!

  • ToxMarz

    Is this a Poe?

    “.. without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, parodies of extreme views will be mistaken by some readers or viewers for sincere expressions of the parodied views.”

    Use /s to clarify

  • Umpire_Sam

    Weld you idiot ? Weld publicly endorsed Mitt Romney for the presidency on January 8, 2007. Weld served as the co-chairman for Romney’s campaign in New York State

    Weld endorsed Mitt Romney in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

    Weld endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich for the 2016 Republican primary.

    you idiot

  • Umpire_Sam

    Argeo Paul Cellucci resigned to become US Ambassador to Canada

    Cruz born where again ?

  • Umpire_Sam

    Did you just name the Mittens Bush campaign Chair ?

  • Umpire_Sam

    um Mittens is from where again ?

  • MaxM1908

    Looks like Justice Kafker was deputy chief legal counsel for another Republican governor (Weld). He was also appointed originally by yet another Republican (Cellucci). Still want to imply that there’s no way this Kafker kid could be a Trump supporter?

  • MaxM1908

    You mean the same justice appointed by the Republican governor of Massachusetts?

  • Umpire_Sam

    Matthew Kafker is the son of Scott L. Kafker and he is the chief justice of the Massachusetts Appeals Court, the intermediate appellate court for the state of Massachusetts

    Yea really sounds like a Trump supporter

  • Pearlbuck

    The conservative establishment hates Trump. You know that.

  • Lee McLaurin

    Well, there is one other explanation; the article, as printed, tells the truth. You, on the other hand, have no knowledge of the situation whatsoever.

  • La Stigmata

    idiots. I bet their not even real racists.

  • Jill LeClaire

    Hoax! There is no other explanation. Bernie Sanders’ supporters.

  • QLorraine

    Not a hoax. Matthew Kafker’s father is Scott Kafker, Chief Justice of MA Court of Appeals. Scott Kafker is a member of the conservative/libertarian Federalist Society.

  • Northlands101

    I suspect this is another one of these university hate hoaxes.