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Amanda Carpenter photos: Is she Ted Cruz’s mistress too?

Amanda Carpenter
Pictured Amanda Carpenter via social media.
 Amanda Carpenter
Pictured Amanda Carpenter via social media.

Is Amanda Carpenter one of Ted Cruz’s secret five secret mistresses? Debate explodes on social media under the trending hashtag #CruzSexScandal

Making the dizzy rounds on Friday is a National Enquirer story that has held that Republican GOP presidential candidate and evangelical supernova, Ted Cruz has been ensconced in amorous behind he scenes affairs that his wife, Heidi has not been privy to. Yes welcome to alleged tryst number one: Katrina Pierson and alleged hot tryst number two: Amanda Carpenter.

While not naming names, the tabloid alleges Cruz on having cheated on as many as five women, describing one as a ‘hot babe’ and another as a ‘$1000 a night call girl.

Needless to say the allegations led to Cruz calling the article ‘garbage’ and a smear campaign along with claiming that Donald Trump, his nemesis and GOP rival was behind the story (were you Donald?) with the Don adamantly denying said claims.

‘Hit-job’ Marco Rubio ally leaked Ted Cruz sex scandal story

Katrina Pierson photos: Is she Ted Cruz’s mistress?

 Amanda Carpenter

Yet it wasn’t too long before Liz Mair a respected (define respectable?) Republican strategist got in the act and used her twitter to weigh in rumors that Amanda Carpenter, a former spokeswoman for Trump who is now a CNN contributor, and Trump spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, who is also a former Cruz aide were somehow the women implied in the National Enquirer article.

Without missing a beat both women adamantly denied the ‘smut’ allegations against them but that naturally hasn’t stopped punters from wondering. It also hasn’t stopped us from wondering?

Responded a furious Amanda Carpenter on live tv after being prodded by co-panelist Adriana Cohen a Trump supporter on a segment on Cruz and Trump’s mud slinging on each other’s wives (yes kids, I wet myself too…):

‘You should be ashamed for spreading this kinds of smut. Donald Trump supporters should be held accountable for it. And I will not be intimidated. I will continue to make my thoughts known about Donald Trump and I am not backing down.’

That though didn’t do much to put a dent in speculations as the internet (naturally) went into berzerk mode with Carpenter coming out again:

‘What’s out there is tabloid trash. If someone wants to comment on it, they can talk to my lawyer. It is categorically false. You should be ashamed for spreading this kind of smut. Donald Trump supporters should be held to account for it.’

And then there’s the interesting ascent of Amanda Carpenter to contend with, including the communications savvy cohort rising to become communications director for future presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Notes our newest collective media hero on her LinkedIn page about the job: ‘Oversaw a six-member communications team for one of the most active offices on Capitol Hill. Joined the Cruz Senate office as Speechwriter and Senior Communications Advisor and was promoted to Communications Director in October 2014. Worked closely with legislative and committee staff on the full spectrum of issues before the U.S. Senate. Regularly contributed to social media and other creative content. Was key in creating Sen. Cruz’s #MakeDCListen effort…”

She left the job in July 2015 before soon moving on to join CNN. Why or what necessarily prompted the rising Cruz attache from resigning has yet to be necessarily understood ….?

Amanda Carpenter

Amanda Carpenter

Amanda Carpenter

 Amanda Carpenter

 Amanda Carpenter

 Amanda Carpenter

 Amanda Carpenter

 Amanda Carpenter
Why decline….?

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  • Euro2000

    Why doesn’t Ted Cruz sue!!

    Now he taking on the persona of the knight in shining amour who charges in to protect his wife – where previously – shall we say – he was preoccupied.

    Notice Trump has said little to nothing at all about Ted’s alleged mistresses – but Cruz takes every opportunity to dump the whole thing on Trump.

    Something is wrong with this picture!!

  • rnsone

    If “false” then she would sue. Her and “Daddy” should sue. Still waiting.

  • scrubbingbubble

    After seeing her post on twitter calling him “Daddy Cruz” I have to say that I think there is more to it. She’s married and has children and so does Cruz. What respectable woman would be calling another man “Daddy”. Also, there’s video of her on YouTube, an interview on CNN from 2006 or so, talking about John Edwards and basically saying she thinks National Enquirer did a good job exposing his affair but that they should do more. Now she calls them tabloid trash. That may be true except for one thing. They are known for taking down politicos. Also, the fact that neither Cruz nor this woman are suing NE speaks volumes. Ted’s a lawyer. He knows. Rumor has it, the Rubio campaign has a video they’ve been sitting on for months and I’m willing to bet that’s why you won’t see any lawsuits.

  • Fred234

    What women will do when they think no one will find out……

  • Tennessee3501

    A member of our family knows Amanda personally and says that she is happily married with children. This kind of publicity will be devastating whether it is true or false. How can she ever prove she has not slept with anybody? You cannot prove a negative!

  • Cheryl Freedman

    Smoke = fire. Cruz wasn’t angry when addressing Trump – He was scared.

  • Jaycee Harland

    it really sucks that even if this is false (it surely is) this will follow this woman to a certain extent, all her career. absolutely scandalous!! no wonder only wags and bonds seek a career in politics. trump and Hillary THATS OUR CHOICE PEOPLE! God help us!