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Madalina Iacob sued for $300K by landlord for illegal Airbnb rentals


Madalina Iacob a self confessed emotional intelligence coach and life coach (along with yoga instructor and part time model) has found herself the scorn of her midtown landlord after they were lobbed with fines by NYC for defying laws forbidding tenants from (short term) renting out apartments on Airbnb.

In a suit filed against the life coach, the landlord, 357 West 54th LLC claims that the city should not make it liable for the actions of its tenant who repeatedly flouted rules when she religiously rented out her $2095 a month bedroom on Airbnb at $200 a pop a night.

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Now facing at least $60 000 in fines, with the number expected to get larger, Iacob’s landlord has filed a suit to the tune of $300K against the life coach who the landlord claims has abused their rights as a tenant, despite stipulations in the woman’s lease forbidding her from subleasing out the apartment along with previously promising she would stop after strangers with luggages were caught making their way into Iacob’s apartment.

Explained the building’s lawyer, Lawrence Silberman via the nydailynews: ‘Under the law, the landlord is strictly liable even though it’s the tenant causing the violation — and even though we’re not participating in this with this lady.’

Of course one can’t help but wonder why NYC doesn’t seek to put increased mandates on Airbnb, whom to date have profited widely from tenants flouting rental laws (forbidding short term leases less than 30 days) with the agency abetting such behavior.

Since slammed with four violations by the city, including operating as an illegal hotel, not having the required amount of exits for a hotel and not having adequate fire alarm system for a hotel, the landlord has contended that Iacob should bear the costs for the citations, arguing the woman’s actions imperiled it.

The building’s suit seeks a court order blocking Iacob from continuing to rent out her apartment, along with forcing the woman who moved in 2013 to pay for the building’s fine, and to pay $50,000 in legal fees.
Iacob has since responded that she intends to hire a lawyer and fight the charges against her. Indeed.