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Walikque Grace Faussett gunned down accidentally outside Manhattan club

Grace Walikque Faussett
How one Manhattan clubgoer, Grace Walikque Faussett came to lose her life early Monday morning.

Walikque Grace Faussett a 24 year old Bronx woman standing outside a Manhattan nightclub in the early hours of Monday morning has died after being gunned down by a hail of bullets meant for someone else.

‘Dalone Johnson drove Walikque Faussett everywhere,’ victim sister says.

Dalone Smack Jamison fires 8 gunshots, kills birthday girl, Walikque Faussett

The 24 year old mother of one’s death tell cops was likely an unintended victim after a furious clubgoer sought to take down bouncers who had just thrown him out of FlatIron’s Club Motivo at 915 Broadway shortly after 4am towards closing time.

Rushed to Bellevue hospital with a gunshot wound to the back, the woman was soon pronounced dead.

Also caught in the gunfire was a 30-year-old Brooklyn woman, Deborah Raji who suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder, and 25-year-old woman, Lauren Renee Rondat shot in the hip and foot. Both remain in stable condition.

The suspected shooter, a 26 year old from the Bronx is believed to be a member of the “DYMES R US” gang, had gotten into a fight with somebody inside the club, vowing to take revenge after being tossed out, police said.

‘I’m going to get my gun,‘ witnesses heard the man vowing via a report via the nydailynews.

Minutes later, gunfire erupted, and three individuals milling outside the club were cut down. 

Reiterated 25 year old witness Ashley Valle: It started out with some altercation in the club,’

‘When I looked the bouncers were trying to get him out the club, scuffling with him. We were about to step out when shots rang out and everybody scattered.’

While the shooter fled in what witnesses described as a dark-colored BMW, the man’s victims lay bleeding on the sidewalk.

‘We were about to step back out and at this point we see the two women laying on the ground on the sidewalk, they were shot,‘ Valle said. ‘EMS was trying to resuscitate one of the females but nothing was working. They were trying to revive her but she was not responding at all.’

As for the other woman, Valle said ‘she was laying on her side and there was blood on the lower part of her dress, you could tell she was shot.’

Other witnesses told hearing three shots, one after another.

After the shooter, described as black and wearing a red and black hoodie left the scene, cops found five shell casings.

Walikque Grace Faussett

Told the woman’s father, Wally Faussett via the nydailynews: ‘A coward runs, shooting with a gun into a crowd,’

‘He’s a coward. He should die, right there on the street that he started shooting. You should’ve been a victim. The bullet should’ve ricocheted off something and came back and hit you in the head.’

Said the dead victim’s mother, Wendi Rodriguez, 41: My daughter was a good girl, she loved her son,’

Adding: How does anyone get a gun these days?’

‘How do you do that? You going around with a gun, killing people? How can I bury my first born? She was the oldest of three. I feel like this is a bad nightmare.’

The parents added that their daughter worked at Nordstrom in White Plains, was a good person who didn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Told the victim’s 21 year old brother, Prince of the dead woman’s 3 year old son, Alexander: ‘We don’t know what to tell him,’

An outpouring of sadness and disbelief swelled on Faussett’s Instagram page as friends expressed shock over her death.

‘Grace stop playing we just agreed that you get to see zi today just call me and tell me I can come over,’ one person wrote.

Cops tell that the 26 year old suspect remains at large, whilst the nightclub has declined overtures for any media comment.

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Walikque Grace Faussett

Walikque Grace Faussett



  1. Sorry to hear that. Definitely a messed up situation. How’s Grace’s family holding up? I mean, I know that’s not something that people ever really can get over, but have they been able to get back to some kind of normalcy? Can’t even imagine having to deal with that. Also what about the PoS that took her life? What kind of time did he get?

  2. Thank you for your response, it is greatly appreciated, I didnt mean to come off as aggressive but it was too fresh for me, The most devasting call as a Mom is to hear your daughter, the love of your life, your best friend your world has been shot. You are 100% correct, I grew up in the PJs of Harlem, I was raised by the streets, started my criminal life at 14 did my first prison time at 15 and fell into a pattern until an adult. I raised my kids in the PJs of Harlem as well, but I was strict, very hard on my kids and held a tight rein, Renee was a straight A student, went to college, has a great job, she was an innocent bystander of a lunatic, who we later found out was a friend of theirs. She didnt deserve what happened to her and Grace definately didnt deserve to die, all because he got kicked out of the club….now the police are treating my daughter like shes a criminal and involved in the shooting because this asshole took pics with Grace the night before…..they didnt even know he was in the club that night….theres just so much more going on to this story than the public knows about

  3. Sorry for the loss, but my main point was that a lot of these young ladies pick these wrong kinds of people to hang out with. It’s a story that unfolds over and over again across every kind of demographic and walks of life, all over the world. I did note that it was her bday btw. Your comment does puts Grace’s life, and who she was in perspective and your anger is mos def understandable. I wasn’t trying to be facetious or have any kind of mal intent by any means. However, the brightest of the brightest young ladies make the worst decisions way too often. Especially when they’re young, and many times pay the price for it unfortunately. Whether it be a situation like this, or having a kid really young and having their lives ruined, etc. Young people in general just, historically, aren’t the best judges of character unfortunately and end up in the wrong company. (I don’t really believe in hell by the way, but aggression noted nonetheless and I totally understand. Sorry again if my point was misconstrued).

  4. First of all to both of you, I am Renee Rondots mother, and these were two hard working young ladies that were enjoying a night out for Graces birthday, not out looking for the flava of the month. Did Grace deserve what she got for wanting to be out celebrating her 24th birthday, her son was home with his Grandmother, being well cared for. I have known Grace since she was in 5th grade, she was a well mannered respectful intelligent young woman. How dare you jackasses stand in judgement of a terrible tragedy for all involved. You should be ashamed of yourselves and Im sure theres a special place in hell for you both

  5. Agreed. in her defense though, it was her birthday. She just was young and chose the wrong company. Common young chick mistake. But mos def agree with you, because so many of these young mothers do spend their time chasing after dudes like this and will be out there clubbing all the time whether it’s their birthday or not.

  6. Not blaming the victim however….a mother shouldn’t be out clubbing. She has a responsibility to her child, not finding the next flava of the month to get knocked up by.

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